Friday, January 07, 2011

Onions that make you Cry

We welcomed the decade with a Biriyani. By we, i mean my brother, as my knowledge about cooking can not fill a 2x2 sheet.

But i do help him in cleaning the onions, washing the rice etc.
Thus i was almost finished with cleaning the mountain(it seemed!) of onions when mom walked in.

Mom: You finished?
Me: Yes.
Mom: Leaving them there? Out?
Me: Yes, why?
Mom: Put that under a hood or something.
Me: Why, mommy, why?
Mom: You want thieves in the house? The load of Onion is worth a robbery.
Me: Ha ha. :|

Seriously, with the price of onion, i wondered how much price hiked the Biriyani in hotels are these days, or how much they will be scrimping on onions. When i thought more about it, native kerala cuisine does not use onions. Of course they do now, even in sambar, but its an adaption, a familiarity. With the invasion of north indian cooking and the fast food, onion has become one of the essentials in Malayali kitchen as well. We have no one to blame for being this dependent on the vegetable.

To make a Chicken Biriyani:

Chicken- 150 rs
Onion- 80 rs
Rice- 80 rs
Other knickknacks- 100 rs
The pleasure of eating the Chicken Biriyani at home when your parents criticize you on your weight gain through the whole meal : PRICELESS!

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anix said...

lol... soon onion will be traded in share-market :P