Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Cost of Being a Smartass

There are days when I am so darn proud and happy for the fact that I am street smart that I have to resist giving myself a hi5 in public. Today was not that day.
I was waiting for the bus to take me to the clinic in the morning. I was late owing to being tormented by (bitching about) Justin Beiber after seeing him back to back first thing in tv. Dont ask why I watch tv if I have to leave home early. And dont even start suggesting driving. You know why!

So I was late and rather pissed and when the bus finally arrived, I rushed and was first in the disorganised queue-huddle at the door. Yes, I always manage to be at the front, I just hate standing. People were getting off and there was this girl(13ish) who was last, and a rather mannish lady(b****) started pushing in and I had to side step so as to get this girl out alive. This took considerable time and my good deed for the day was done, so I rushed(pushed) in to salvage something for my posterior and there was this 50ish aunty sitting alone in a two seater and I went to sit down.

Aunty- this seat is taken!
Me- huh. *sitting down near hear rather forcefully* it is taken now, I guess.
Aunty- *to the daughter who was entering then* sit on the side seats!
In my defence, It was a 45 mins journey and I was going to work. And the whole time aunty passed angry glares at me and pushed me even when the bus was not passing a curve. Mean aunty!
So when I reached my destination, I got off, and sat down under the fan in clinic and sighed in relief. Nightmare over!
Except, I had no idea.

After about 10mins, receptionist came in.
R-lady: You got a patient.
Me: great, send 'em in.

Enter aunty and the girl. Yes, same aunty and same girl. My life is over.

Aunty: *half laughing and half glaring* YOU!
Me: *half scared and half guilty* you? :-S

Long story short, aunty and girl(who turned out to be her granddaughter), was coming to see me, as the girl was uh.. um.. sick.
I know. I am despicable.
In self-defence, she did not look sick. :|
Thankfully aunty did not beat me with her handbag, and after some chats, became quite friendly.
When you think something is finally over, shit will hit the fan on full speed. Again.
After asking me where my home was, she asked me if I knew a teacher who lived there.
Me: *OMG-here-it-comes face* yeah, thats my Mother.
Aunty: we know her! Very well too. She taught her*pointing at the girl*.
They very fondly took mom's number from me and went after the consultation.

Dont say anything. You cant call me something that I haven't called myself.


Rudra said...

Rolling on the floor laughing my a** out :D

Karan said...

lol, filmy... very filmi !!

Rajlakshmi said...

ROFL ROFL... oops sorry laughing at your expense... coincident or accident :P

survivingbrain said...

did she call the mom?

You should keep disguises. Portable disguises so that when these things happen you can quickly put in those guises and say - there is a look-alike-like-me-who-probably-did-that .

the simplest ones will be the the detachable thick black mole prem nazir used to plant on his cheek in those old movies.


Carpe Diem! said...

hahaha!!! I agree with Karan. So filmy!!

I like SB's suggestions! :D

smalltown_girl said...

@rudra: i am glad that my friends find my distress amusing. :-/
@Karan: my life is usually lame, but then something filmy happens!
@RL: i would go with coincidence!
@SB: i am buying one asap! u send me urs!
@CD: what to do yaar, not a dull moment!

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

Hhaha - I always love to see instant Karma in action! LOL good one.

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

hahahah.. thats once funny incident!

Kitchen Boffin said...

:D funny..