Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jigsaw Of My Life

I was finding myself a bit 'J' recently. Yes, the big J. Jealous.

Lets see how it all began.

Ray, who is the husband of Di, who is my best friend, got transferred to Mumbai. Promotion+transfer. (He won't forgive me if i don't mention that.)
So, he is moving. She can't move since she is doing post grad in Kerala. [thus i am saving all my freak outs of my-best-friend-is-moving-to-std-code-so-she-wont-call-me-all-the-time for laterz]
So what she is gonna do? She is moving to a hostel.

That made me worried. And later jealous. Why?
See, last time she had a room mate, that was me. And i was her best friend.
And who knows what kind of girls are in hostels these days! they will be all so helpful and kind and god-knows-what! And they will steal my friend from right under my nose! Not right under, as i am not there, Still!!

I knew this was happening when she joined the post grad. But i gave the ultimatum that 1)she cant sit with same person for 2 consecutive periods. 2) she cant go to lunch with with the same person for 2 days, unless its in a group. 3)she will call me every two days and talk. Ray was on-board with this in the case if any one of these people being guys. All turned out great when all her classmates turned out boring 'girly' hippies who couldn't get along with anyone. Ha! I was laughing my silent but expressive 'buhahaha' while sounding oh-so-comforting when ever she was on call with me bitching about them.
Right when i was starting to relax, she moves to the college hostel! And got a room mate!
And she was busy for a while adjusting to her new schedule and all, so there was fewer calls, but there were some.

And i was getting a teeny meeny J on her new roomie.

But i should have had a bit of faith on my socially awkward, emotionally closed off best friend.

Yesterday, i got this sms at night.
My room mate failed and she is desp.
Always on phone and in bed.
you know i am bad at handling this.
what to do? :(

I vowed to be with her in sickness, shopping and roommate issues, so i replied;
You are good at not caring na?
Do that.
May be she needs space.
Remember when you needed space
when we were roomies and i always barged in?
And who are you
and what have you done with my beautiful but cruel best friend? :O

At this point i was starting to worry that this is going a bit too touchy-feely for my liking.

But I shouldn't have worried. She is, after all, one in a million.
She replied;
I am not caring!
my problem is that,
should i make attempts
to make her feel that i care?

All worries begone, (she is crazy! But my crazy best friend!) i decided to help out. I was, in fact, out PR manager.
Just ask her if she needs anything occasionally.
If she is telling you something, listen.
Or pretend to, while thinking how awesome your last roomie was.
And dont gloat, laugh too much
or talk loudly in that god-awful voice of yours.
You'll do fine.

Why am i worried? She is my jigsaw. I have my jagged ends and she
has hers. And thank god, they fit together perfectly.


Aneesh.C.K. said...

Belated birthday wishes Sreeja. I don't know where should I post this! Take good care.

Archana said...

Hi This is my first time here and I have honestly read only this post. The proof of the pudding is eating it but I do not eat the entire pudding to know it is good. I enjoyed your post will come back for more later. Following you so that i do not loose you.