Sunday, October 10, 2010

Network Hearts Do Break Like Real Ones

Today i understood how much the social networks have ingrained themselves to our life. Its the you, only better. Its the you want to be and almost can be. Teeny tiny details in your profile is as important as your accessories. The intro is as important as your clothes. The movies and books in your profile equals your grad certificate, but cooler.
That same way, the friends in your Facebook(my poison) counts. Adding someone is a whim, but deleting someone is as painful as destroying an ex's photo. You might know these people only through the network. But your heart still hurts when you delete them from network.
I didn't wanted to make a scene of it, but all these angst was burning and seeing all these people when i login was not helping.

To Chetan, i dont have anything to say to you. You are nice. Keep it up bro.
To Rudra, You are a scumbag and if i write all that i have to say to you, my blog will get a court order. Just fuck off.
To Adi, its not you dear, its all me. You will always be the best person i ever met online. I hope you have an awesome life :)

Damn, Life sucks. And then you die.


survivingbrain said...

I would not call an online heart a real heart.

You can see a picture of a cup of coffee in a computer, and love the looks of it, but you can never taste it and feel the soul of it.

Things are better and less deceiving when in person.

That brother said...


Harshita said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...


chembz said...

i would second you in sayin dat online heart too is similar to de real one. after all relation is built on trust and whether yu no de person in person or only thru de net its still a relation.. and even if its a bot behind de online identity for the human being on de other side emotions would be de real one only if sincere in de relation watever it be...

chembz said...

but no i'm not seconding ur choice of deletin.. only cowards run away rather dan face and resolve the things..

smalltown_girl said...

@surving brain: okey!

@the bro: forgiven

@harshita: :)

@anon aka rudra: :|

@chembz: what if this person is trying to avoid u to the fullest potential? then also you run behind them? like a love sick puppy?

Aditya said...

hmmmm :|