Saturday, August 01, 2009

War, Love And Sisterhood.

The year was 1987. I was 4 then. I remember sitting in a long corridor with dad, wondering why i am sitting here and why am not with mom. But i was not much of a talker and i had something to eat, so i didn't complained. Then someone came out and gave dad this wiggling bundle. I looked in it and saw this very ugly and small thing, which had hair all over it and i hated it immediately. Later someone described it as my kid brother, whom i should look after. And i hated it more. Even though i was not much of a possessive person towards mom or dad, i hate responsibilities. And being nice to it and to wait on someone was huge at 4.
Mom tried to remind me that it was me, who prayed for someone to play with. Yeah right, that's what gives you brothers. And to think i used to believe that once. Jesus Christ!!
Well, this new person, later proved to be good, as i could blame my misadventures on him. Once i found this paper bag in kitchen counter and out of sheer curiosity put a finger through it. Sugar started oozing through it and it looked so nice. Later when mom came out of bath and asked me who spilled the sugar, i pointed at the 2 year old Aqui, who didn't even knew why mom looked thunderous. And he got an earful from mom. Like that he got the blunt many times when i escaped.
But the bad thing was, he genuinely liked me. And followed me around when i went to play, which really irritated me. I used to dump him when i went out. Only good thing was, i liked baby food, and i had access to it with him at home. Also Aqui was always sick and mom gave him full attention, which i didn't mind as i was in my own world all the time.
I remember singing with him, trying to get him to sleep, and being very proud when i did it, making paper planes and boats, and putting it in rainy pudles, playing in the house with him, and cricket with others... many many memories.
Then i also remember him destroying my dolls, beheading them mostly, and once i gave him my 1st doll which could open and close eyes and with in 10 minutes, one of its eye became dysfunctional.
There were many many quarrels. With physical injuries. I never thought both of us would reach adulthood with all limbs and body parts intact. Mom was usually in the middle of our spars. Every single time i remember the words "he is small, so you should give in" yelled at me, which i hated. Mom also reminded me every day that he is like my kid and i being the big sister should look after him and take care of him if she is not there. Ah the novelty!
Imagine one person who can ask a 100 questions about one thing (eg-pen or plate) in 2 minutes. That was aqui's skill. As mom used to work, the questions were directed at me, which drove me to nuts and violence. Then there were the electronic stuff which he broke. For which dad punished him often.
But all in all it was not so bad.
Then when we grew up, he followed me to every single schools i went to. I don't know who embarrassed whom more. But frankly we both didn't liked it. We each had our own problems to deal with, and in effect were not there for each other. I really wish i was there to support him through his difficult times. I will never repent it enough in this life time.
And somewhere along, he grew up to be this amazing gentleman, who is cool, sophisticated, funny, caring and million other attributes which i recognise every day.
He still can be a royal pain in the arse at times, rather stubborn, inconsiderate, full of attitude and even hateful. But that is what little brothers are for, right?
and one quote very true about Aqui- After a girl is grown, her little brothers - now her protectors - seem like big brothers. ~Astrid Alauda.
Yet, Thank you God, for i giving me this amazing person and letting me keep him.


Bijay Rungta (@rungss) said...

Nice Post...

Little Brothers...

I am the Youngest among my siblings and always got away with my misdeeds but had to suffer the angers of my elders...

Good to hear such experiences..

On your Writing skill I have one small feedback...

You should use Line Breaks/Paragraphs...

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Nikita said...

Wow!! what a post!!
Very touching :)

smalltown_girl said...

@rungss thanks. for the comment and the suggestion. kept in mind :)

@Nikita- thanks Niks :)

dhan said...

u rite wel than u talk!i wonder u bored me with al dese stuffs no?

smalltown_girl said...

@dhan- am too surprised to start a debate with u!! LOVE u lik hell *grin*