Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Emotional Atyachaar.

Recent past was rather silly.

and messy.

You know, sometimes we wish we were in total control of our emotions.

Sometimes it just beats you.

You cry at silly songs.
You stare at random pictures.
You imagine dire circumstances.
You make yourself tragic, even Shakespeare looks rather delightful.

Drama Queen I were.
Emotional wreckage.

Nice question.
Perhaps i would skip this one.

I should never have forgotten who i was and where i am supposed to be.
What i can and what i cant.
My walls and my limits.

I am a prisoner of birth.
Unchangeable circumstances.
Unforgettable limitations.
Unsaid promises.

I must not leap, for i am in harness.
Not even in dreams.

Well, now?

Let Go.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Yes. All Done.
Locked the little weird black box.
Tied the key to the largest stone i could muster.
Threw it in the deepest of all wells in the world.

I am Free.

If i say so myself so many times, I might start believing it.

No worries.
I will be alright.
No one ever died of broken hearts, they say.


Karan said...

That sounds messy and all tangled. Hope you get out of it!

smalltown_girl said...

coming soon :P

Gymnast said...

Yes , nobody ever died of a broken heart. They only emerge stronger and wiser.
Its a huge lesson.
Trust me.

smalltown_girl said...

Yeah, thinks so.
but he heart never learns.
does it?

The Dramaqueen said...

Don't know if you'll find it encouraging or useless..
You'll come out of it.
And even though as painful as it sounds, you will learn to love again.

Its like learning to ride a bicycle for the very first time.
You fall and you get hurt.
And it takes time for the wound to heal.
But it gets healed, it isn't permanent.
Maybe the mark will stay, but it will fade.
Time heals everything.

You'll be fine, Small town girl (:

Oh.. and there are no boundaries to limit you.
The only walls are in your mind.
Remember that.

Nikita said...

A broken heart takes a long time to heal, so be prepared for that, but don't stop giving yourself chances to feel better either.
It is a long, painful road after a heartbreak (I am on one such road), but trust me, when things get better, they do in such a manner that the happiness more than overbalances the ache.
All the best!

smalltown_girl said...

@The DQ -Thanks. soul sisters huh :) u n me. always in trouble for wrong reasons.

@Nikita-I trust you. :) n thanks

dhan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dhanya said...

another drAma wats it

smalltown_girl said...

@Dhan DI!! i cant believe this :O totally :O

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