Monday, August 24, 2009

My Twitterverse

The first i saw twitter, was in eM's blog. I thought what the hell and moved on. The next time it was in CNN IBN on a show about bloggers. This happened in august 2008, around the time i was giving serious thoughts into blogging. So i thought, this can be used for mini blogging, for small topics, quotes etc. Yet it took me another 6 months to start a twitter account. Then i promptly forgot about it. So when did i got interested in it? I followed the fake @ShahRukhKhan whom i didn't knew was fake, and he followed me back. And me, the "twitter-virgin" thought Oh-Sweet-Mother-Of-God-SRK-Is-Following-Me-I-am-Gonna-Die!! Actually i think that was on of my first tweets. (I said twitter-virgin, so you cant sue me)
So i continued, with lame tweets and following some lamest of the celebs, like @ddlovato @taylorswif13 @colesprouseofficial etc etc (Admitting all these takes a lot of courage, so i am actually not expecting that smirk on your face). And i never followed @mileycyrus, @kimkardashian @britneyspears @parishilton(though i did @perezhilton for a while) so, i was not THAT lame u see..(I unfollowed all of them you know,except TaylorSwift, i love her).
That all was before twitter hit me. HARD.
So after one month anniversary of my twitter, @MTVindia joined twitter. (I joined before the frikking MTVindia, and i consider that well ahead.) So after that, i started seeing all the social networking that is going on in twitter. Methinks, WhatTheEff! Twitter is mini blogging, and i am not going to chat to strangers there!! Never!! I have an account in every social networks for that! (My Twitter buddy who is reading will be smiling now. Don't do!I will tell @pallaviade ..)
So where was I? Ah.. my denial phase. So i restricted myself to minimum personal interactions, and did perfect mini blogging. Then my best buddy joins as @i_bleak (who deleted that account and resurfaced as @i_nemo and @rudramishra later. Thus i started talking to him, and another fab girl, @cookie_crumbles and blogger buddy @fishdoodls occasionally. Still, minimum talks, major silence. Then @madguy000 happened. (that was before twitter got banned in his office, now i tweet more than him)
After that, its all a blur.. I met some awesome people, @pallaviade @sizzler_chetan @KirtiB @shamz911 @softykid....Huge list, to which i will get later.
Somehow we, the awesome twitter people formed the #DDgang aka DESI DILWALE.. I don't know the member count or every single person in it. It is an ever increasing gang of desi people from all parts of country, who tweets together or #twugs each other. How can i describe it? Its total madness!!

So i some of my closest #DDgang members:

@pallaviade- We started slow i think. Rather unknowingly we became friends. And today i think am closest to her. We write long letters to each other and refrains from any other contacts than in mail and twitter. She would be the BOSS in DDgang. Masakali is hr name, which doesn't get wasted on her. Kickass dudette!

@sizzler_chetan- My twitter brother. Rather, i am his #twister. He is very sweet and innocent. Our Happy Dent. Cant stay away from twitter. And rather well-versed in web for a dental student(wasn't that funny?)

@softykid- My every day is incomplete with a fight from nabeel. Absolutely infuriating, irritating, leg pulling guy from TN who doesn't know tamil. Calls me fak doc, makes fun of chetan and don't have any respect for her Holiness ie me. Still i wont exchange him for a 1000 followers.

@shamz911- Fellow mallu, tweeting from qatar. as we both are from around same place, gets each other very well and have mallu conversations in gang, which brought him to gang i think.

@kp1200-Kanishka is a constant presence. He refrains from fights i think Dignified Thakur that he is.. He is the most successful guy in DDgang i think, but really modest and simple. Long live Thakur!

@KiriB- Kirti aka sunshine is one who lives up to the nickname. Everyone's laadli, she is super sweet and is the first person in the gang i talked to.

Hmm.. i think that's about it. Still there are countless members like @manushee (who is architect by profession n is totally cool) @_AtikiN (who is very bubbly n lively) @AanchalM (eclairs, which is rather @softykid's favourite sweet) @ashkd and @smilinggal (who needs a room, seriously)

The list goes on...
So does the fun..


Chetan said...

Awesome post Di :D

The way you wrote about you and the experience at twitter, is all excellent. And that Twitter Virgin.. LOL!
I was already expecting this post to be good after you mentioned me in the tag post, actually saying i can't accept the tag with the reason I don't have *b**bs* lol

Love ya Sis! And love all the DD Gang members :D Great to find you on twitter and finally have you in the gang.

Suree said...

with this flow.. you can write ur

Rudra. said...

Nice writing :)

Happy tweeting :)

Mural! said...

I though I loved twitter, and tweet twell.
But reading this post, I think we are living different universes!

Nice post by the way! :)

smalltown_girl said...

@Chetan- Love u too bro! n its gr8. believe me!

@Suree- this is pretty much it.. :P

@Rudra- Thanks

@Mural!- U r welcome into mine :)