Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wierdly Her's

A mutual friend's wedding.

"I love weddings" She says.

"I hate weddings" He says.

"Suits you"

" Ha! You don't mean that!"

"Why wouldn't i mean that?"

"Because, if weddings doesn't suit me, what will happen to you?"

" How is it connected to me? I will have my dream wedding anyhow"

"Oye, we are getting married, right?"


"What now?"

"Was that your proposal?"

"Well, Yeah!"


"What Hmm..?"

"Yes I will marry you"

"Good for you"

"Good for YOU"


"Why are you sulking now?"

"I still hate weddings."

"But I love weddings!!"

(This event never happened and it will never happen. Sadly. This is my way of saying goodbye to Him. Now i have to find a way to let Her go too.)


Karan said...

I love weddings specially the big fat punjabi weddings.
And I want one for me too now!

Aditya said...


smalltown_girl said...

@Karan~ the fairy godmother, aka me, slash part time match makr, is on ur cause. send in the data!
Thanks anyways

QuestionMarksAnwers said...

Pretty much questionable of who love weddings & who doesn't.. For a women wedding is that one day she is unanimously crowned the winner of a beauty pageant and she stands out from all other girls around both in attire, jwellery n looks.. :) .. maybe so.. Men are more worried of to what's next kinda feeling.. :)

smalltown_girl said...

@Adi :) so i need to say thanks?? again??

smalltown_girl said...

@QuestionMarksAnwers girls believe in fairy tales and i think the forever kinda commitment freaks guys out.

chembz said...

forever kinda commitment doesnt freak off guys... or most guys... there are man who feel inclined to dat..

bt anyway de entry was nice... wish someone would propose to me lyk dat or somehow jus propose .. shhesh i dunno wat smiley to put also..:P

smalltown_girl said...

@chembu- ah nice o know that :P u can hope to be close to some one enough to propose to her like tha. without fears or showing offs to impress

Intrepid Dreamer said...

Nice reading, 'cept in our case it's the other way round. My hubby loves the chaos and hullabaloo of weddings, while I'm sometimes bored :)

Mural! said...

nice way of telling......but felt 'twas left incomplete?

don't you?

anyway reading on......

smalltown_girl said...

@Intrepid Dreamer
Still its perfect na?
N its all that matters

Hmm.. I will think about it
Thanks :)