Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I aM Def Bad..

Today i registered myself at IMDB. I love the site, but i totally don't believe in the ratings as i have loved some they have condemned and i hated some in their all time top rated flicks.

So the weird stuff is that, when i clicked on the link to complete the registration, the word confirmation they showed was,

*sex drive*

(select from * to * and see)

This can only be rivaled by blogger, who, for commenting in my own blog, once asked me to type DUFFER, which lead me to undo that option all together.


Karan said...

IMDB has a vast member base spanning several countries. So whats likeable and approved of in one place may be a big turn off for another region. But generally they are accurate,at least I find them so.
but its an awesome site.

rahul said...

lolz..at sex drive and duffer :)

smalltown_girl said...

@Karan-totallly agree. thats y i typed sx drive in n got a membership

@rahul- Yeah :-S

Rudra ! said...


smalltown_girl said...

OK? :P