Friday, April 30, 2010

Doctor.. Doctor!!

Imagine you are going to visit a doctor. A cloud of different emotions hang over your head. You are afraid, hopeful, excited, calculating...
Then you go inside and what you see there?
Yes.. the doctor is Sleepy Sleeperson.
How you feel now?

Well, let me introduce my Vice.
Sleep.. which eludes me at night, has no problems appearing spontaneously in day time. Short visits. When i am inactive. These facepalm situations make maximum appearance during my work. Imagine me, doctor, with minimum patients, bored shit in afternoons, not to mention after a heavenly and heavy lunch, in summer heat, with rhythmic sound of fan... ideal situation to breed sleep, you see.

Usually life is cool. I get up when a patient tries open the door or my pharmacist calls me to inform an arrival. Or the attender brings the case sheet. I wake up and other than a clueless smile and bright eyes, nothing is amiss. That is Usual.
Then there is unusual. The attender is late. The patient is not patient(LOL) and opens my door without any formalities. The pharmacist is rapidly trying to call me...
And what can be the final nail on my coffin? Yes, me myself, in one of those mindless, deep, dream laden sleep. In which i cant hear the door, or the patient's clearance of throat, or even the phone, which is right near my ear.
Like this afternoon.
I am thinking if there were drool in the scene. Which would have been the icing on the cake. And truly, i cant even remember it.

I scrambled up.. got my wits together.. Lied that i had a headache.. Then went on with the consultation.
I will never blame her if she is not buying that medicine.

[PS: Looking back on that image, the resemblance in uncanny.]


survivingbrain said...

Just tell them you have been working overnight.. :D

Like I always do.
Not That i am a doctor..:P

Aditya said...

lol.... bad luck :D

deny everything. they have been seeing things.

unsungpsalm said...

Ohhh you're a doc! Nice!
Well, you could always say "ohh, had an emergency patient to attend to, last night" :-P It would give you TREMENDOUS value! :-D
Or do you guys take an oath against this? :-S