Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Last Wedding

So, H got married on Monday.
Last of my girlfriend to do so.
You know what this means. I am the last single one and my mom is on my back. :|

Tragedies aside..it was a beautiful wedding.. well, what all we saw.

Let me start from the beginning.
Since i decided that i would go to her wedding at last...Oh, i did forgot to mention that we were estranged for a while. Have i?

So,Let me start from the very beginning..
After college, we, me and H were the only ones who had the chance to work together. We came really close during this time. Even past her space issues and my nomadic lifestyle. Then she forgot to call and tell me about something i really should not have heard from someone else. Even though that someone was our mutual best friend. I, as usual, was pissed of. (Some say that i take myself too seriously when no one else does. Not true.) And thus started the longest period on non-communication between us since we were 19. The usual me who faced people who irked her, decided that i am done with being the confronting one and shut all my roads that lead to H.
Then came her wedding date, which was fixed while we were talking. I knew she would call me to tell about venue and all, so i dodged her calls. SO many times. My parents got concerned and even agreed to go to H's wedding on my behalf.
One day, while writing this post, it dawned on me that its easy to give away an 8 year old friendship and at this point, i would have to wait till i am 35 to reach that spot with someone else..IF that someone was anything remotely like H. And someone wise once told me that all the best friends you make in your life would be before you turn 20 and unless the clock turns around, i wont be making new ones. So, i swallowed my pride, took her call and after some hot words, some hurt ones, some soothing and loving ones, it was like that period never existed for us! Yay! Really. Girlfriends are the best! :)

So, to my eternal delight, Sony and my Soul-sis Di was also coming to the wedding. (Thank god i was going :P) I went out and bought a super awesome sari which would burn everyone with envy(I wish :P) and set off from my home the time she specified to reach the wedding hall in time.
Now, I would have killed H if it was not her wedding and 2000 people were not in attendance. Keeping her time meant not only i was late, but i was shamefully late. As i rushed in to the hall with Sony and her son Jo, thankfully we caught the most important part of the ceremony. Thank you Travel-God for that!
Di, who was coming from 220+ kilometers, was too late and only made it around lunch. And oh boy, what a lunch :D.
After photos and bye-bye, we(me and Di) went to Trichur and roamed aimlessly eating ice creams and french fries(not together.) Then i packed her off to her hubby and got home to a long bath and comfy bed :)
She is going to be mind-blowingly happy. I just know it. And no one deserves it better than this adorable, goody two shoes, sneaky bitch best friend of mine. Here is to you!


Rajlakshmi said...

so finally the friendship stays :)
hope it stays longer :)

Anonymous said...

Haw, you REALLY can hold a grudge, can't you!
My friends and I used to resolve our arguments if there was either of our birthdays around... but you m'lady, crossed all bounds :-P