Saturday, May 01, 2010

Summer Distress

Summer this year was excruciating. The heat.. the sweat.. the thirst.. the distress.. It was a season from hell. It usually is. But this year summer outdid itself. I could actually see the steam coming off road and the layers of air.. I am not exaggerating. It was wild. In african terms. Thank god its almost over. Almost. Sigh.

This is Ayshu's baby. At AJ's wedding 2 weeks ago. She is usually bouncy, laughing, playful and serene. But not in a summer midday at a busy place. She was disturbed, restless and near to tears. She didn't came on to me and sat bewildered with her mom. With reddish face and hot skin. That too after 5 minutes of exiting the car.
And nothing describes this summer better.

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Rajlakshmi said...

summer heat!!! i am almost burned... and it doent even rain here :(