Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Relationship Rants

There are easy and tough relationships. Believe it or not, EASY ones are the tough to find.
Tough relationships you can find everywhere. You probably live many of those at a time. Like the one with the guy across the hall who likes to hang out with you when all you want to do is finish a book. Or a friend of a friend whom you cant avoid who doesn't find your jokes laugh-worthy. You getting the drift nah? You are neck deep in tough relationships which you didn't even wanted in the first place.
Then there is the easy ones. The ones you find accidentally. One college buddy you talk to once in an year and still has the best memories with. A favorite aunt who gives you cookies and listens to you when your mom would've dispensed advices you didn't asked for. The easy ones that don't trouble you or make you think for hours or gives you head aches.
Aren't they the best ones?
Or are they? Think again. There is a whole other level of tough relations you live. Think of your best friend. Was it easy? How many best friends sail through clear seas to reach their destination? How many fights you have had? The tears in halls. The angry looks.. Or your Love. The doubts, the fears, the conferences with your best friends with nothing less than a pros and cons chart. Or even your own mom. The arguments, the nagging and discussing you with strangers as if you are not even standing there in company.
All these were not pretty. In fact they were nothing better than bloody and hurtful and something you can always live without. But they got you those amazing people who are in love with you, who you cant picture your life without. So the tough time was worth it, isn't it?
So what i am trying to say is, live through the tough times. Some may not be worth the effort. Honestly, most of them are not worth the effort. But some are and its worth the risk. :)

PS:This is so not what i set out to write. But, you know what? Giving up is easy. Holding on is not. And who wants the easy way out?


Rizal said...

Nicely put. It reminds me to one saying about love (sorry I use my own words because I don't really remember the exact words):

"True love worths fighting for. True love worths risking all things. But beneath all that, we'll be risking much more if we don't want to risk a thing for it".

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DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

:D wow.
nice post! uve got a point there.. the tough times ARE worth it.