Monday, April 19, 2010

Love is in the Air

There is only one thing that is more sizzling than this Summer Sun. And that is love. Everyone around me is in Love. Marrying, dating, getting engaged and even getting dumped.

H is getting married on 26th. After some 6 months of chatting and complaining about overseas SMS rates, the day is here. Her fiance cant wait to get his hands on her. I would too, if i were in his place. She is that awesome.
One of my best friends is dating. Yup, getting over the last time he was in love was tough. I almost thought the kid got allergic to love. Thank god, he isn't. anyways, he is not telling me much, but i guess its for the best. I can be professionally bitchy and not to mention irritably possessive :P
Adi, is engaged, and for good this time. Poor guy was doomed the first time and good to see that this time, he is happy, relaxed and very very excited. He is too busy to catch up these days. Still, when i get hold of him, i can see that he is radiating happiness.
Old college room mate is engaged and ridiculously into PDA. I mean, we all like PDA and stuff, but there is a limit na? I would exchange the one hour car-pooling we had with a day in a dungeon full of scorpions. And they laugh at each others jokes that are really not funny. And i think that makes them soul mates :P
So, why am i going on and on about all these? Well, there is the obvious delight of gossiping. But apart from that, its tough being single in an Indian small town in your late 20s. Especially if you are a girl. Ah.. but your smalltown girl is a tough cookie :P. I get by. Its actually fun. The only hard part is trying to be happy about all these love around you. Trying to accept the fact the sometimes life is not fair. And you wont get your wishes all the time.
But when the time comes.. I just want it to be worth all these waiting and loneliness and heartaches.
Can't wait! :)


survivingbrain said...

@ "cant wait"

I would prefer a surprise visit rather than me sitting on the footstep and staring at the gate for that thing to be opened by the person you are expecting.

Meanwhile, I might watch tV. or may be better things.

Aditya said...

lol its like that how i met ur mother episode... "laughing at each other's jokes so much that its not funny"

and heyyyyyyy i been tryin to reach u all this time :P

Anonymous said...

Good one.. reallyh liked it and its natural .. late 20s ..being single...nice one

Anonymous said...

AWww... know it too well, how you feel :-(
(Dull, morose) Singlehood Hi-5!

Rudra. said...

Nothing about me...hmmmph..