Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Doctor is In

Commuting from work is hell. So one of these days, i was waiting for bus and an auto came which was in my route and i had to auto-pool (funny :D) with a middle aged couple. The travel was silent, incident free.
And when i was nearing home, i asked the auto driver to stop.
So, something about my home. I have this board with Dr.Smalltown Girl written on the side of the short path leading to my home. This was erected in mom's insistence soon after my graduation, most likely to show off, and has gained me much ribbing from fellow college mates who travel this way and see the board.

So, as i was paying the auto driver..
Middle aged Decent looking Man(MDM): Oh, You here to the doc's house?
Me: *smiling* Yes.
MDM: Hmm, if you don't mind me saying so, there is another doctor at the next stop. Dr.KM. He is very famous.
Me: Oh i know him.
MDM: Oh. then why don't you go there?
Me: Because, i AM this doctor.
MDM: *spluttering sounds* Oh.. Sorry..I thought..
Me: Its ok. Dr.KM was my teacher at college. But OK.

As i was turning to go home, the MDM was still spluttering and the auto driver was laughing his ass off. I could't resist a smile. :)


Rajlakshmi said...

lolzzzzz :D what an incident :P

Roy said...


DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

hehehe funny

Anonymous said...

LOL! How VERY embarassing for him :-P
You should've guilted him into visiting you the next time he needed consultation...

Ramanathan Kannan said...