Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First chat
Me: hi
Him: :)
Me: Why smiling?
Him: A person should always smile. to make others feel good. :)
Me: nice! :) *yeah right! what a pompous ass*

6 months later..
Me: :D
Him:Why smiling?
Me:I am happy to see you!
Him: /:) U see me every day!
Me:Cant i be happy?
Him:OK. You can! *this girl is nuts*

First IM

Me: I really like you.
Him: :)
Me:You don't think i am irritating.
Him:No *Jesus, YES!*

Millions of chats later..
Him: :-(
Me:What happened now?
Me:Are you drunk?
Him:Not really. :(
Me: cheer up na? :) *Jesus! FML :|*


First Birthday Together(mine)

Him: Happy birthday :D
Me:This is the 20th time you are wishing me. :)
Him:So what? Happy Birthday!
Me: :D *He is so thoughtful*

Next birthday together (mine)

Me: Why you are not wishing me? :O
Him: I was sleeping! Happy Birthday BTW! *Jeez didn't i wished her a million times last night at 12?*


First Birthday Together (His)

Me:Did you got the card i sent?
Him: No.
Me:You will. Happy birthday! You are the best.
Him:Thanks :) *aww sweet*

His next birthday together- Today
Me: Did you liked that AWESOME gift i picked?
Him: Yup.
Me:You will get it soon.
Him: OK :D -greedy eyes- :D
Me: :P Happy Birthday! You are not the best, but i love you all the same :P.
Him: Thanks. :P *rolling eyes*


I can go on and on about YOU ME and US.
And nothing is unknown to you.
Nothing will change if i say or didn't.
So its just, Happy Birthday Buddy! God bless :)

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