Thursday, January 14, 2010

In the life of a 5 rupee note.

He was old and tired..
Restlessly passed on and on from one hand to other for years.
The officer, the chai guy, shop cashier, fish walla...
The years started showing its might on him..
Battered and torn inside out..
People who used to pass him in earnest slowed down.
Looked at him with doubt before accepting him.
And one day, quite expectedly, he was unaccepted.
Just like that.


So I am stuck with a 5 Rupee note.
I think i got it when i was dreaming and not actually seeing the change the guy gave me.
The next time i had a use of 5 rs, that is on my work to home journey, i took it out and gave. Innocently.
Sadly the recipient was not an idiot like me.
"Arre, yeh note nahin chlega!"
"What? Oh! Sorry!"
And just like that it got stuck with me.
Just like that.

Its not that i am THAT impoverished.
But seeing this useless piece of crap every time i open my purse is rather annoying.
Its like they say- dead money.
Except that this one is really dead.
Or really close.

So today, when i returned from work, i took it out.
Deposited in the box where i put useless stuff which i cant throw away.
Along with my last unburned letter from A.
And the chocolate wrapper someone gave me.

I am at peace.


Ah this box is great.
Not so cozy as the AC locker.
But good.
The chocolate wrapper looks seriously out of date.
Still its nice.

I am at peace.


Karan said...

You are at peace,thats what matters.
To bolo Aaalll is Welll :P

Rajlakshmi said...

i loved the narration :D atlast you are at peace :)

Aditya said...

looks like u saw the choco wrapper after ages. :)

Som said...

I have couple of such currency corpses in between pages of books I don't remember. I'm as deeply materialist as my salary allows me. So I can't throw them away, hoping maybe some day I would encounter a fooler fool -- let grammar take a sabbatical -- and sell him this dummy. And all along I know, the guy upstair hasn't created a fooler fool. BTW, nice job. The template alone is something to die for.

Anonymous said...

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Sruthisagar Yamunan said...

good one :)