Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthday, again. :-/

So it was yesterday.
The dreaded day. My Birthday.

Someone wise once said-
"Every birthday after college is a sad reminder of getting older, unless you get drunk and wake up next to a beautiful/handsome stranger."

Hmm. After loads of wishes from everyone, a cake, a mommy's kiss, a very nice song(haappy buddddday tooo youuu...") and some photos, i am 27.
Frikkin 27.
How can anyone celebrate 27? Its practically 30.
I cant even think about 30.

On the verge of apoplexy, i want to thank Rudra, for everything that he is, Pallavi, for that overseas call that was awesome, Di and Sony, chetan and adi, and My family, for the cake (It was so delicious, i almost forgot that i am getting old!).

So, wishing for smiles and happiness and friendships and love... and something extra.

Pic: Birthday in yahoo. Small favors. The Picaso inspiring pic is by Rudra.


Karan said...

Shhhhh, yeah 27 does sound like 30, but dont even say it,its scary :(

Karan said...

Oh, but still wishing you a very happy belated bday :)

Rajlakshmi said...

on the verge of being 30 hehehehe
belated bday wishes girl ... wish you lotzzz of joy and good fortune :)

The Dramaqueen said...

Happy Birthday! I am sorry I didn't wish! :(

But heart you anyway. You were my first awesome blog buddy! woo-hoo!

Don't be scared of 30.

I feel so thirty sometimes. You know? Depressed, fat, single. :|

The Dramaqueen said...

I realized how that must sound. :P

I meant I feel the way I, and only I would feel when I turn 30 :P

I imagine I would be depressed, fat and single when I turn 30!!

No offence to anyone! :| :P