Monday, November 08, 2010

Tying the Wrong Knots

I will site here two situations. You can tell me the difference in the comment section.

Situation One
*phone rings*
Person1(P1): Hello.
P2:Hello, i am calling after seeing an ad in paper.
P1: Yes, We did put an ad. Its for my daughter. Who is talking?
P2:I am the boy's father. Where is your proper place?
P1: We live in %%%%. Me and wife are retired now. This is our only child.
P2: What is your caste?
P1: XXXX. We assume you are too?
P2: Yes. I and wife both are. We have a younger girl too. She married a guy from the same caste.
P1: What does the boy do?
P2: He did BBB course, now works in TTT company. He earns NN per an
num. Well settled. He has his own flat there. And he is up for a promotion real soon.
P1: Well, thats great. So will you send a kundli so that we can go see the pundit?
P2: Oh yes. Soon. Then we'll meet you people if all goes right.
P1:I hope so too. If everything works as good as we hope, we dont want to delay anything.
P2: We dont, too. Its all for the kids' betterment. Why delay, eh?
P1: Ha ha. yeah. So i will tell you the address now..

Situation Two
P1: Hello sir.
P2: Ah kaka, this maal you have looks good.
P1: Yes Sir, She is young, tender meat, ripe for plucking sir.
P2: Hmm. This was exactly what we were looking for. All tests done na?
P1: Yes sir. The doctor's certificate is here. See. If you like this i will get this to your home by tomorrow morning.
P2: Hmm. Make it day after tomorrow. Some people are coming to see my daughter. We are making mutton biriyani. So you cut it in the size for that.
P1: This is one excellent goat sir. Tender meat. Perfect for the biriyani.
P2: So, how much for the goat?

Both these are not a rare conversations in modern India. On a second thought, the latter one is rarer than than the former. What does that say about the progressive, ready to embrace the world, youth powered India?
I can go on and talk a day about the injustice of it all. But the system is not going to change. Its not the girl, its not the boy.
So i am just keeping a cynical face on it.


Rajlakshmi said...

thankfully the scenario is a lot different in my state :) no kundali... no 'horror'scope... no dowry :)

Ramanathan Kannan said...

he he he :)

Anonymous said...

hee it's look same everywhere, the kundli stuff.

survivingbrain said...

"What does that say about the progressive, ready to embrace the world, youth powered India? "

well. They just SAY it. Its not been the truth, and is NOT the truth and it will take more than our generation to be the TRUTH.

till then. we do not have a choice but to live as close as to we can, the way we want it.

Liked the way you put it up.

Kitchen Boffin said...

ha ha sreej.., all we can do is say Grrr.. n jus swallow our frustrations..

chembz said...

emmm clearly wat is the injustice yu mention in der??