Friday, November 05, 2010

'Ear me out!

I am not pretty when i get sick. In fact, its quite a terror. I get needy, greedy and bloody irritating when something disturbs the aww-so-amazing functioning of my body.
And usually i am very healthy too. No fevers, with or without fancy names. No wonky lab reports. No allergies. All systems functioning well.
Then i woke up yesterday.
And the whole room started spinning.

I closed my eyes and tried to turn. And then it spun some more. It stopped.

I thought I'd skipped the dinner. No i hadn't. And i am not that delicate.
I stood up and then the spinning restarted. I was never a fan of theme park rides. Now you can imagine how i feel about this. It freaked me out. I went downstairs, feeling slightly nauseous. Add to that a slight temperature and sweating.

Then once i settled and fixed my head on a pillow, the world righted itself and i could start thinking what went wrong. Especially, where.

I remembered all the times i had asked patients, was the room spinning or were you spinning kinda questions. They will mostly make are-you-crazy eyes at you. But when it happens to you, thank god for your basic knowledge, you notice.
I don't like medical terms in blog. Still, you know what this means? Positional Vertigo.
Basically my ear is screwed. (I am leaving the technicalities here.)

You know what irked me? The Ear part. Of all the parts of my body to go and do something weird, the ear had to do it. I, who never ever ever got admitted in a hospital as a child, except one time for finishing a bottle of 500 grams of Boost in one day and getting quite a digestive tract cleaning, both ways, is an epitome of health. So i am convinced that one day i will get some awe-worthy disease, like Blood cancer(my childhood ambition, yes i watched films a lot) and die a very theatrical death making every eyes wet. And no where in this huge production i can find a role for an ear. But there it goes, literally and figuratively toppling my entire world. I want to take a nailgun and gun this thing down, which may not be an ideal situation. And i will never hear the end of it (Haha!).
And you know what this means? Doctor. I hate doctors. I don't trust them. And now i hate my ear too. :(
So I skipped the doc, I sat at home and had a lecture on causes of vertigo from mom. Being lazy and disrespecting her. Yess Mom. You are lucky i cant shake my head in denial.


Ramanathan Kannan said...

I have been admitted to the hospital only once and that too bec the Doc screwed up. When I was young, I suddenly turned yellow. My mom took me to the doc. He thought I had jaundice and admitted me. He did all the tests. Everything was normal. Then he took a good look at me and pronounced that I was suffering from Carotenemia as I had taken a lot of papaya. I was then shooed away from the hospital.

Karan said...

So you have lymphonenis of the ear :P
LMAO!! you are an awesome writer.

Rajlakshmi said...

never heard of this one... so is it permanent or temporary like a flu... hope u r feeling better now.

survivingbrain said...

ya. vertigo.
am very familiar with that.
hate it.
worst thing is you cannot drive.

and ya.
Docs dont trust docs. then, on who, shall us- lesser mortals - trust on!!

Carpe Diem! said...

"And i will never hear the end of it."
hahahahah!!! Awesome post!

I absolutely hate hospitals as well! :/ No childhood trauma. I just hate the feel of a hospital. And I don't trust doctors either. Lucky that my dad's a doctor. I trust him. ;) But I dread the day I have to go to a hospital or trust myself to some other doctor!

smalltown_girl said...

@RK and CD: guess we have something in common. :)

@RK:That would make a nice post.

@Karan:what is that :|

@laxmi: Its ok. am feeling better already. and temp :P

@SB: trust your instincts man!

@CD: totally identifies with that feeling. its like you give your life in someone's hand na.

Kitchen Boffin said...

:D :D
of all people i can't imagine u
swoon.. unless it is while watching a horror movie :)