Saturday, November 13, 2010

Liar Liar!

I admit i am a bad liar. I tend to stare, stumble and get stuck between speeches. Except when its about food. I can be pretty convincing when i lie about food.

Mom: Sree, who ate the jilebi in fridge?
Me: Gave it to rocky.
Mom: The spicy biscuit?
Me: Gave to rocky!
Mom: The bread?
Me: Rocky!
Mom: Molu, Rocky don't eat bread.
Me: Yeah, that's why he sniffed it and left it there. So i threw it away. Away!

Not bad, eh?

[Glossary: Molu- Pet name for daughter]


Ramanathan Kannan said...

So you have a dog... Breed ? Age ? I have one, named Dhoni, an Alsatian. He is 10 months old .

survivingbrain said...

you should feed something to that poor cat!!

You are a bit to biased to the dog !!

smalltown_girl said...

@RK: Rocky is a GSD too, over 3 years now. And i guess you like cricket :P Pos some pics of Dhoni in blog!

@SB: Unapologetic! I am! But the point of th post is, dog didnt got anything either.

Rajlakshmi said...

hahahaha so blame it all ont he dog :P

Harish said...

lol.. really convincing lies... :-)

Anonymous said...

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