Monday, November 15, 2010

I can, I can't.

I can finish a 300+ page book in a day, and that too not skipping TV and chores.

I cant drive any vehicle to save my life. In fact, i didn't drove once to save my dad's life. But he is still alive, so i am no lamenting the point much.

I can entertain myself for any length of time, if i have my mobile phone.

I can't live an hour without the said phone.

I can tell if you are lying to me.

I can't tolerate physical pain. At best it makes me a cry baby. If you are responsible for my pain, i am hurting you back.

I can make funny greeting cards. And plan surprise gifts.

I can't hold a surprise a secret. If i plan your birthday a week before, we are celebrating it a week before.

I can live entirely off oatmeal.

I can't juggle anything. Not even two lemons.

I can whistle. Feebly. That after 2 years of practice.

I can't focus on anyone's talk for more than 20 mins. Made me a terrible student.

I can play a decent game of Indian Rummy.

I can't win Rummy against my brother, who is a terrible player, but is suspiciously lucky.

I can do awesome googling. Seriously. It needs really good skill.

I can't pretend to smile when i am really pissed of at someone. I look rally pissed off.

I can spin theories and anecdotes out of anything, some of which actually make sense.

I can't keep away from dogs. If i see a dog in any home, i have to go meet it, say hi and mostly get barked at.

I can be organised only when i am in charge of organizing. Or i am very disorganized.

I can't paint. Or draw. I actually got a C- in my 10th grade art. That for cheating in arts. Still now i cant imagine i did that.

I can spend hours on wikipedia. Just jumping through the articles.

I can't handle kids. I don't think they like me much.


Carpe Diem! said...

>>> "I can't hold a surprise a secret. If i plan your birthday a week before, we are celebrating it a week before."

I know it's very difficult to hold surprises in!! I am literally jumping with excitement until the said surprise is out. :P

I can't tolerate physical pain or pretend to be happy when I'm not either. It seems fake, no?

chembz said...

u're totally in ramble world eh?? :P

Kitchen Boffin said...

mmm... i think i go hand in hand with u over 3/4ths of ur 'can' n 'cants'. I agree with u particularly on the aspect of listening 2 some1 4 more than 20 min, even if they hav terrorized u into it.. u know what, i hav slept in PC's class more than a dozzen times.. :D