Monday, November 01, 2010

The Beauty of Puttu

So, my EverYouth scrub went missing. Yes, the same shit in the picture.
When i was younger, I used to buy that because the uber-soft-skinned girl in college used it. Then i grew old. And EverYouth walnut scrub shifted gears from fancy to necessary.
And that scrub went missing.
How dare it!
First i tried to adjust with just face wash. Then it really started getting gruesome. Brittle and cranky face. Old age. Someone hug me now!
Then i essentially plowed the whole house to find it.
To no avail.
I was getting desperate.

If necessity was the mother of invention, desperation was the father of it.

And here, my fellas, i am giving out my first beauty tip via blog. And its not pretty.

Anyone heard of Puttu? The staple breakfast of keralites/mallus. Good with sugar, banana, chicken, goes with anything.

Am going offtrack.

So one of the ever present commodity of a mallu home is puttu podi (powder for puttu). Its basically rice(small, white ones) moistened and then powdered coarsely and then fried and stored.

You know what that means? Coarse powder. Fried to be hard and dry.

My brain short circuited to this conclusion today morning and Ah... what a relief to have my smooth ex-foliated skin back!

And you know what the catch is! EverYouth costs Rs.55 (which ain't much and it lasts forever!) But you know what is better? Puttu podi is absolutely free!!
So enjaay the great puttu, and flaunt the soft skin!
(someone should campaign it.)

PS:I don't do beauty advices. Its just because there are some things i admit i am terrible at.
Having said that, i am not a HOG. And being a mallu means you are supposed to bath 3 times a day and proclaim all non-mallus dirty. I manage the second part.


Ramanathan Kannan said...

wah wah wah... If necessity was the mother of invention, desperation was the father of it - Quotable Quote by small town girl. Are you the next Raplh Waldo Emerson ? I have uber soft skin. But, alas it is of no use as I am a boy :(

Rajlakshmi said...

hahahaha :D ..:d what a desperation :D

fezi said...

ha ha.. i can imagine u in that
puttu scrub.. let ur skin glow .. n ur dreams come true..n the 'organic versions' of scrubs rule the world...

smalltown_girl said...

@RK: no way! i am far too simple for becoming RWE. and stupid too :P
soft skin? u gloating? i am gutting you. :(

@Rajlaxmi: try it babes.

@Fez: Yeah! marketing crappy ideas were always your forte!

Harish said...

The leftover of coconut after making oil, is also a good alternative! btw, the last sentence is very true.

smalltown_girl said...

@Harish: Aint you the metrosexual :P

survivingbrain said...

whats next on the list? :D

Please leave your poor mom and her kitchen alone :P :P


Adee said...

i can imagine the problem and just admire at its creative solution :)

kudos girl, i would suggest u to package and market this find of urs as the shahnaj hussain of mallus :)

if u need help with advertising n marketing, do give me a buzz :D