Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ceremonial mamma!

So i called Sony to ask about the christening ceremony-
Me-So, When is it?
Sony-Who knows. I don't even have time to sleep. Someone here has to plan it if there is to be a ceremony.
Me-So how is it done? You actually immerse the kid in holy water? :O
Sony-Who knows?
Me-What you mean? You were not Christened?
Sony- Yeah i was, but how would i remember?
Me- So your brother's kid, she is two now naa. What about her's?
Sony- Dear, this is one of THOSE ceremonies.
Sony- The kind you don't attend unless you are the event. Like marriage. The only marriage i have seen fully is mine. This too would b the first.
Me(hopeless romantic)- :-/


Bleak ! said...

ha ha.. :) nice talk.

Rajlakshmi said...

//The only marriage i have seen fully is mine. // hehhehe...

nice one...

smalltown_girl said...

@bleak more coming

@rajlakshmi i have seen hers too. :(