Thursday, May 28, 2009

People who irritate the heck out of me..

1. Clueless people who doesn't find anything wrong with them and continue to bug me with stupid questions.

2. Curious people who just cant shut up(i might be this at times, but to only those who will jump at me about it)

3. Free advisers especially mom and dad's friends, to whom i cant ask to shut the eff up. ( Actually i don't say that to any stranger who gives free advices. Good girl and all :| )

4. Starers Do i need to describe?

5. Over smart people at shops- Hello, you are here to please me. Do that by shutting up.

6. People who are smarter than me- This is a very personal issue. I should never have admitted this.

7. Over friendly strangers in trains etc- Hi there, nice to meet you. See i have a book. Will you please let me read it?

8. Too much flirtatious people- Don't they have a limit?

9. Braggers- I do this sometimes. Still.

10. Ganguly Bashers- He plays bad, he cant run, he cant see, he is arrogant. Jeez, i know this.

11. Relatives who kicks me out of my room- I cannot pretend to be nice. And couch sucks.

12. Criticizers - I don't deserve to live. So? That is my problem.

13. Naggers- Anyone disagrees? Mom, you are included.

14. Those with bad language skills- I know i am on a ticket to hell, but i CANNOT suffer this.

15. Those with happy ending who rubs it on my face- Yeah yeah, you are well off and all, but i still get to have random hate sex with strangers.
( i don't say this too. And i dont do random stranger-hate-sex too. I need to shed good girl image. Don't you think so?)


Aditya said...

bad mood today. lots of stress to take off. join a kickboxing class.

(more smartass advise)

Rajlakshmi said...

//Relatives who kicks me out of my room//... ya.. they bug me so much...

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

ROFL - I adore u girl. And growing up I shared a lot of those. Anyways going by your list, I dont think you will like me - I fit in one of those criteria that irritate you :)

smalltown_girl said...

@aditya- oh yeah, now the irritants will be real afraid of me ;)

@rajlakshmi join the club :(

@sanket *blush blush blush*
criteria has exceptions. really :D