Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't ask me why i do this. i just love talking about myself. :|


Food : Anything chicken. Bro's cooking. and sweets. chocolates, snacks........... BIG list
Pub/Disc/Restaurant : Whom i am with is more important. and smalltowns don't have pubs that encourage girls :|
Candy : ,Cadbury Dairy Milk, Hersheys, Poppins, Nestle... this would most likely be a brand list :|
Number : 8 and 4
Color : Suiting mood. dress-white, screen savers, dp etc-pink, pictures-black and white, scenery- green, food-yellow(mostly)
Animal : Dog!!!! ROCKY is my love.
Drink : er..juices only.Mirinda Tropicana and mountain dew. and pepsi diet.
Body Part on Opposite sex : I can b nice here. should i? no! so, ass. (Brett Lee rocks!)
Perfume : Hugo boss. smells so awesome.
TV Show : here comes the list. CSI NY, Disney channel, MTV India, friends, Roswell, scrubs.
Music Album : AH.. nice question. Do i need to do this today?
Movie : NO NO!! unlistable. Numero uno is Godfather1.
Actor/Actress : Orlando, James franco, Johny Depp and HEATH LEDGER. Actress... er.. Megan Fox? ;)

This or That
Pepsi or Coke : Coke. no, Pepsi... :S
McDonalds or Burger King : :|
Chocolate or Vanilla- Idiotic question. I am CHOCOHOLIC!!
Hot Chocolate or Coffee : Hot chocolate. But there are times when only coffee would understand you.
Kiss or Hug : Who are we talking about?
Dog or Cat : Dog dog and dog. Shoots cat!
Rap or Punk : Where is country?
Summer or Winter : Winter.
Scary Movies or Funny Movies : Funny ones. Esp romantic comedies.
Love or Money : Love. (When we say no money, we are not talking paupers right?)


Bedtime : Varies from 12 to 3. Sometimes even 5.
Most Missed Memory : When all my college friends went to a seminar trip and i skipped it, they ended up touring a waterfall and a film.
Best physical feature : Er... Brain?
First Thought Waking Up : Where is the mobile? Did i crushed it?
Ambition : Be happy in whatever situations life puts me in.
Best Friends : Di. Forever and always.
Weakness : Laziness, inability to keep quiet. inability to hate people who deserves it. getting emotional easily.
Fears : Loneliness, Criticism (it is never constructive for me) and some insects.
Longest relationship : is coming soon :)


Cheated Your Partner : No
Ever been beaten up : Not exactly.
Ever beaten someone up : No.
(PS:me and Di used to end up in some bloody fights. Injuries were mutual :|)
Ever Shoplifted : Yes. When i was too young and thought it was fun. Then got a lecture from mom :)
Ever Skinny Dipped : seriously? No!
Ever Kissed Opposite sex : :|
Been Dumped Lately : No.


Favorite Eye Color : Can we have blue? else, its brown.
Favorite Hair Color : Hmm, black will do.
Short or Long : Jeez, short. Is Long hair IN in boys?
Height : Taller than me.
Style : Cool, Relaxed, funny and Branded.
Looks or Personality : Personality. We are talking NORMAL people right?
Hot or Cute Hot & cute: cute.
Muscular or Really Skinny : Muscles wont hurt!!

What country do you want to Visit : Europe as a whole.
How do you want to Die : Painlessly.
Been to the Mall Lately : No.
Get along with your Parents : Most of the time. Er... :-S
Health Freak : NO NO NO!!! i don't deserve to live in that aspect.
Do you think you are Attractive : Who am i gonna kid here?
Believe in Yourself : Yes, more than often.
Want to go to College : Finished it. Going back? HELL YEAH!!
Do you Smoke : No.
Do you Drink : NO.(Jeez am i boring or what!)
Shower Daily : Yes.
Been in Love : Yes. And it sucks. Singleton ROCKS!!
Do you Sing : Yes. No one likes it except Di. ^_^
Want to get Married : Not Sure!!
Do you want Children : Not now. But yes.
Age you wanna lose your Virginity : Weird question. Not answering.
Hate anyone : Nay, may be John Buchanan. X-(


The Dramaqueen said...

I will do the taaag! :D

smalltown_girl said...

do it!! :) and y no blogging these days??

The Dramaqueen said...

Busy, a little bit.
Writers' block.
Law entrance on the 31st (!!!)
I should not be online right now! :|

I think I'm taking a little break :)
Back in no time, though.
Don't forget to remember me!

chembz said...