Friday, January 06, 2012

New Year? Really?

This is the first time I've not felt the celebratory light of New Year in my life. And i live in a city. That is saying a lot. May be finally i am at the level of maturity that makes you take everything in colorless tone. Literally, old. That is bad. But i think mostly its the fear to grow old while i accomplished so little in the life so far. Peter Pan syndrome. With a little insecurity thrown in for company.

January was the most loved month for me. For all the birthday gifts it bring. Now its my most hated month. And don't blame if i switched off the mobile on the freakishly frightening Jan 25.

And to all young folks, Happy New Year. And to all my folks, I know dear, I know.


Archana said...

Well Happy New Year anyway. I too find it difficult as to why we have so much halaboo over change that is bound to happen one after every 368/366 days. Pointless. Celebrate each day better you have 365 celebrations.

Karan said...

we are growing old :(

Carpe Diem! said...

:O You too?! I'm becoming old on 18th this month! :/

Me said...

Growing old is beautiful... :) Embrace, if you can.

Wish u a beautiful year ahead.