Saturday, January 28, 2012


Have you ever craved SO much for a mere 4 Rs that you wanted it more than you ever wanted a million bucks? Even for a short time?

Today i decided to go watch shopping for the fastrack watch my BFF was buying me. I went with my work BF, KP. The deal was, i didn't had any money with me. [sidenote- i don't usually keep cash with me as i am a big ass spender. I would rather carry a card] So i had exactly Rs 0.00 with me to carry me through the shopping and the travelling. She took the bus ticket to the shopping center and i got the watch, (yay!) which is kinda tame, but stylish. Not the point of the post though.
Later the night, we finished shopping, but kinda late, as i am an indecisive jackass. We paid(via card) and by then KP was late for her home. We ran to the bus stop and i watched on as she got on a very timely bus (not a usual thing!). As the bus started rolling, it dawned in my mind that, Here I am, alone in the middle of a city, with absolutely zero cash with me.
Oh. My. God.

I only needed 4 rs to get me to the hostel and i have never ever wanted 4 shining one rupee coins than then, when i felt alone in the midst of a frikking crowd.
Before the crazies began, i started to look for an ATM and i could find none in sight. And finally i asked one shop guy for directions to an ATM and I had passed right by it! (And who in the would would plant a bunch of trees all around an ATM? For gad's sake, it for people to find. Not to play hide and seek with!) And i got the money, got change from a shop and finally got in a bus.

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ousu said...

Now that is an awesome scene to be stuck in. I enjoyed the pun in your friends message about the lonely road and finding a good guy and your luck in picking a killer.

Looking ahead to the adventure if any in covering the 4rs that separated you.