Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Endless Love

Some love stories begin beautifully. Hearing them makes you want love so badly that it will hurt. But there are some love stories that are different. It will still hurt you badly.

I was talking to a new patient. [Basic case taking. They share their woes. We pretend to listen while looking for valid points to fill the case sheet.] Old lady, arthritic, very pleasant but a sadness hiding somewhere in her face.

"My husband died 6 months ago. He is a very nice man. He took extremely good care of me. He would urge me to go out every day and do something very simple like a walk. He was not so healthy, but he would still come to give me company." She smiled wistfully.
"On that day, like usual, he made me a cup of coffee. He had bought me a walking machine, treadmill. I said i am not walking, and he said he will instead of me. He walked for a few minutes. And usually after walks he would lie down for a few minutes to rest. Before lying down, he asked me to drink the coffee he bought me. He never woke up. They said it was cardiac arrest." By this time, her words were choked up and her tears were streaming down her face. And mine were brimming with tears too.

This is what i said earlier.
Some love stories begin so beautifully, it will hurt you. Some love stories end beautifully and it hurts even more. Or do they really end?


Aneesh.C.K said...

many and more happy returns of the day, have a great one and many more to come.

Archana said...

oo! touching story

Silvia Perotti said...

Very Beautiful. You write with your heart, that is very touching. Thanks for everything. Silvia

Kitchen Boffin said...