Saturday, December 18, 2010

Smoking a Cigar

I have this zest to try out new (and possibly not good) things in life. Smoking was something i was postponing for a long time. I had to do it one of these days. Not because i was stressing, not because of peer pressure. Its a thing. I had to try it.

Steps to take while smoking a cigar.

· Get a cigar first

a. Don't go to shops you know.

b. Don't nick from people who keep count.

· Find a lonely but comfortable place.

· Don't forget to carry a lighter.

· Don't take the first drag too deep.

· You might cough. Relax.

· Don't do fancy stuff at first.

· After doing it, dispose evidence, go back to your life, and don't tell anyone.

Well. This was the general plan. I suck at plans.

The first step was the easiest.

Dad smokes and its easy to nick from him. I was running around in morning chores when i saw an abandoned cigar and decided that its time i smoked one.

So i took it, grabbed a matchbox, ( where is the sophisticated lighter when i need o

ne!) and took off to my parents' room. Open doors. Well, i was lazy to climb to my room. I just came down. And my parents know i am crazy.

I sat down in peace, lighted it. Took a shallow drag.

How Did it Went:

·Its not so awesome. Its not an instant high(like pot, which i have not tried, yet ;) ), its not tasty like wine( which i love), its not comforting as food. Actually i don't know why people smoke. I will get to it later.

·Watching smoke coming out of your nose is cool. I saw it in mirror, and promptly started laughing like a hyena. Doubted for a sec if it was indeed pot.

·It burns you somewhere in pharynx. Intense and not in a good way. Made me think of smoke inhalations. Well, i was inhaling willingly, cant complain.

·I did not cough. If its my very unshakable lungs or careful maneuvering, i don't know. I like to think its the former.

·I was thinking, i am so going to blog about this, and then was not paying much attention to the butt in my hand, except occasional drags. so it stopped burring around the last 1/3rd. I didn't bothered to light it a second time.

I am probably going to sound like a very prude person or a very unadventurous one, but i think i am never going to smoke again. Its not because of the health risks. I am obese, if i had any thoughts on health, i won't be.

Its just, I didn't get why people smoke. Like i said, no high, no pleasure, no comfort! Just burning in nose and the smell of smoke. I guess its them boring people who just do it for the sake of doing something gets stuck with it as a habit. I am too lazy for habits.

So i classify it as a waste endeavour and is going to move on with poise.

The Laters:

After i disposed the butt, i waltzed into kitchen and announced, " Well, i didn't think i was going to do that!"

Mom: What?

Me: I am not telling.

Mom: *Skeptical look*

Me: phew *blowing at mom's face*

Mom: You smoked???!!!

Me: Yeah, i tried.

Mom: Krishna!( thats not my name, its the god's name, clearly in vain) What is with you kid??

Me: I just smoked, i am not going to again, because its awful! Isn't that great news? Blah blah blah( this constitutes of all the things in said earlier)...

Mom: *Staring*

Later later:

Me: Dad, it burns behind nose when smoking! WHy you even do that!!

Dad: Well, for beginners it might. Not for me anymore!

Me: Hmmm.

Dad: You smoked?

Me: Yeah. Its awful.

Dad: Ok.

Note to my future kids:

If you are reading this, i want to tell you a few things.

1. Notice that i didn't smoked till i was almost 28. I will give you one year lax. If i caught you with a cig before 27, i am going to be really angry.

2. I did it once, so if i caught you twice, you have an entire different thing coming. I dont care if you are a biker chick or a scientific reasercher on the advantages of smoking.

3. You can not use this as a leverage against me. Well, not more than once.

So what's next?

Wouldn't you like to know. :P


Kitchen Boffin said...

oops! do that sound like a tragedy?
better luck next time gal ;)

Jidhu Jose said...

I only tried the cigar one time. That time, my sister accompany me.
Anyway trying new things is good.But the things should be the good ones.

survivingbrain said...


Carpe Diem! said...

It's always good to try new things. :) It does give you a sore throat sometimes. And it doesn't give an instant high or anything. But, when you are a bit tipsy or even quite drunk, it's awesome! :P

Karan said...

You have the coolest possible parents i guess. You smoked. You Told. They Okayed!!

smalltown_girl said...

@Fez: no next time sis!
@JJ: my bro would have killed me. he is rather a goody two shoes :|
@SB: :) hey!
@CD: u seem quite inept!
@Karan: its cuz i am a girl!! girls dont dothese stuff openly in small towns na?

chembz said...

i think u're already being too hard on ur 'to be kids..' btw de first thot dat went thru my head wen i read de title was ur bro's face wen i'd tell him dis.. but yu took away all de fun... :-/ anyways somethin new learnt.. ;)

smalltown_girl said...

You can not tell aQQui! he will freak out :|
And then i will have to kill you.

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

Clarice said...

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