Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life Changing Device

(Written for Life changing Device challenge at Blogadda).

I am literally going to go with life changing device and not a particular incident.

A few note worthy points before i start.
1. I have never owned a blackberry. because,
a) i don't trust CDMA because i have this freedom to change sim notion, which is ironic since the last sim change i did was 3 years ago.
b) i am poor.
2. I love gadgets. But don't own many. Refer to point (b) for why.

So it is my last phone, Sony K750i, he Life changer. It was rather a beginner's mobile, though i bought it after selling an S60 device. I dont think many goes back to just sony OS and java after using a symbian. But i did.
It might look lame but it is one of the most sold mobiles in the country(used to). However much i don't wanna be in a crowd, this was worth it i think.
This mobile becomes special because it was bought by my internship money. Which was not much, if you know anyone who has interned at a hospital. I wanted to get a sony walkman series, but this was all i could afford. But this has pretty much all the specifics but less looks, so much like me. (Backhanded compliment to self. Yes.)

How this mobile changed my life

I was in the last legs of college life and was getting to know Internet. Even though i had my laptop then, i used to hook to Airtel net using this phone here (word of thanks to airtel,unlimited net at 250 rs per month, it was a great plan, if a little slow). So i got into this whole social networking/blogging/just browsing all through this phone. This phone pretty much taught me how to handle internet. And have a social life and almost everything i know about web and mobile web.
After college i was really lonely. Having studied your entire life away from home will make you pretty much friendless in your hometown. This phone kept me busy. I had net, i had the phone. So i always had something to read or someone to chat to.
I reinvented my love of reading in this device. And through wattpad. Its not so awesome now, i hear, but it was great then. College was somewhere i got lost myself as a person. I found books via this phone. And its going great these days.
I had a best friend whom i only knew through chats. And my job don't allow me to carry the lap. So you can guess. The ebuddy and nimbuzz rocks.
People who know me will always complain i don't keep my eyes off the phone. I always carry it around. Its true. Its because i have so so much to do in it! I was never bored with it. And even when i bought my next mobile, i went for a better Sony phone. With 3g and all, (stupid, since no carriers for the network in my town) but i was pretty much comfy with the sony's style of doing it.
That phone made my life happy, and better and whole lot wise. Any day i would call it my EFB.
Electronic Best Friend.


Someone Is Special said...

Wow Electronic Best Friend.. Nice.. Wonderful and more..

Do stop by WRONG CALL..

--Someone is Special--c

Sumit Sarkar said...

I started using Internet through my mobile 5 months back...but I can feel your emotions and the way it made you connect to this vast world...
I love your post :)