Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My D(i)ay of Friendship

All my friends know me as this very loud, very confident and very friendly person who is never alone in a room and is loud, a bit bit obnoxious and a lot of fun.
But there was a time when i was none of these. I was gloomy, sad, alone and confused. My high school days. People say high schools are the best of their lives. Mine was hell.
This post is not about my high school. Or even me. Its about friendships. And Di.

Between my tenth grade and the time i was joining college, i had become this overly smart, loud person. Someone who needs a lot of attention from a lot of people. Someone who is afraid to stand alone. But even then i was lonely. I understood the phrase alone in a crowd.
Thus, when i started off to my college, all i wanted was a friend, who was solely mine. Not a public figure, but kind of personal. When i got to college, there were a lot of people, all of them friendly and fun, all of them accepting me as i am. I was part of this awesome gang, who shared a room and a lot of fun together. I was close with all three of them and after all the glitter has settled, i started feeling lonely again. I wanted someone real bad. I wrote letters to my imaginary best friend. I even made a list of all my classmates to find the one, like a contest. I was not mental, but someone who never had a close friend in life, i was rather desperate. Amongst all these, i was not paying enough attention to this one girl. She was everything i was not. She was bold but not outspoken, loud but shy and bloody brilliant at studies. She was also cute as a button. But looks can be deceiving. She was not afraid of anyone or anything. Her style sucked and she liked to be a loner. A true anti-social. She used to stare at me rather rudely, watching all the rucksack i made. She was old school, rather set in her ways, introvert, and a true kill joy. I was mad to even go talk to her, with my flamboyant style.

That was Di.

I am not getting into all those things that lead to us being joined at the hips for the 5 out of 6 years of my college. We were inseparable and happy as two chimpanzees smoking pot.
I think after getting to know her, i never even wanted to make friends with anyone. Whats the point? I was taken. She was it, my best friend forever and I won't let her go. And truly there was no place for a third one, and this feeling was mutual.

All this is too dramatic for a tale of friendship, right? Well, Friendship is a lot like love. May be there are people who doesn't understand the sentiment behind my words. But they don't really know what i share with Di.
I was and is completely, completely in love with her. Warts and mad tantrums and all. (She doesn't have warts. She'd kill me if i implied that.)
If in finding love, we mean finding someone to share our life with, i will say that i found my love when i was 19 and started spending every second of my free time with her. Because i share my life with her, even with the whole geography of Kerala between us. Because i truly cannot imagine a one without her.

Happy birthday Di.
Love you forever.


Ramanathan Kannan said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. When people tell me that they have lots of good and best friends, I always stare at them in shock and pity them. I believe that one can only have 1 friend and there is no free slot.

Carpe Diem! said...

I know what you mean about friends being the best loves of your lives. You are forever committed to them and they accept you for what you are instead of having silly issues with everything. Some friends are much better at being soulmates than your partners can ever be.

Rajlakshmi said...

best friends can never separate... specially those who are made in college... a lovely dedication to your friend... Happy birthday to her :)

chembz said...