Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Cutting the cord

There are a very few relationships that run life long in perfect harmony. Highs and lows. Happy times and sad times. All rolled into a thrilling beautiful ride. But some gets cut when the song is picking up the high notes. Or dies down when the slowness takes over. Or just gets plain irritating. Thus life is a symphony of a many songs. Some complete. Some incomplete.
Whoa! Why am I getting philosophic all of a sudden? Is age catching up with you favourite smalltown being? Na! I am just playing with you.
But what I was saying, there are time periods to certain relations. After a time it should be cut down. Even though there are no sour grapes. Even though you still like this person and he/she obviously cares about you a lot. There are certain junctures where you have to stop it and move on.
This is about someone I used to like a lot. I still do. One of my favourite people online. Always helping and always there with a hi. But you know, things always dont stop at great friendship. Sometimes you jump into relationships without thinking. Knowing thats its for fun. No future. No commitment. When time comes, one person move on. No hard feelings. And you are majorly lucky if you are that one person. Moving on one. If you are the other, its still ok, you dont care much. But it still stings somewhere. I dont want anything. I dont want old days back. But seeing someone happy and all when you are no where? It sucks. If I am bitchy for saying that aloud, so I am.
So, bye dear one, you struck a beautiful cord in my symphony.


Anurag said...

Yeah, one point or another one has to windraw,redardless of the feelings we have for each other.
Point well delivered.

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

i think i did it once :)

Rajlakshmi said...

circumstances can sometimes be very tricky...

Aditya said...