Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why mallus have the best music sense

Me, being a mallu aka malayali, cannot be less proud of our music sense. (It comes with the package. The proud thing. We people are everywhere in the world, we are freakishly proud of our culture and we think every non mallu is not natural).
So, coming to music, really truly we have the best music opportunity in india.
1. Bollywood music
2. Kollywood music ie the tamil one.
3. Malayalam music.
[i am not counting the big english rock/metal/country/pop list. Its universal.]
So, my point being, these are the industries that produce the best and most original music in india, especially hindi and tamil. Hindi is not so original but its diverse and really unavoidable. Since language is the biggest barrier in india, not everyone can enjoy these three. (And the person who said music has no language didnt have cared much about lyrics)
Continuing, hindi being a central indian language and the national one, those who speaks it gives bull about the southies and know nothing about it, thus making them very ignorant of the potent, soul stirring, best songs that ever originate in india. [added note- what ever anyone says, a.r.rehman's best music is and will always be in tamil. Because that language is really suited for lyrics.]
So how this makes us mallus special? Tamils also share the national language, so they get there two! Hai na? No. Tamils being more egotistical about their language dont give a fuck about hindi. They dont teach it at primary levels and they dont even show hindi films all over the state. Thus making majority of tamils not privy to the good old and new copied-from-all-over hindi songs.
And here comes the mallu superpeople. We get our basic hindi education. So, even when our language sucks(RudeBoy) we know enough to love the songs. And since tamil is closely related to malayalam, we know all we wanna know (and more) and they release every film here too. So yay mallus!
So what separates us from kannadigas? Who comes good in above criterias. That would be mallu film music. Which, if not great, is really original and follows traditional music and is mostly melody and some experimentations. And we all know kannada film industry is a big nonexistance. Thats all your honor, effectively proving the title statement.

Famous last words- MALLUS ROCK!! Yay!


Rudra. said...

Apart from the i agree mallu's are everywhere this post is kinda glory hunting. :D

survivingbrain said...

disagrees to many points..
Mallus USED to be original, but that was decades back..

And AR rahman is NOT original. There are numerous instances of him ripping off riffs/sampling from the west and other languages. He just knows to sample it well.

Aditya said...

wow. where is picture of tarzan thumping chest?

DI said...

Hey! First time here!
Hehe, very interesting points! However, you do not stand a chance against a Tamilian born and brought up in the north, cos she, well understand both langyages perfectly, AND loves the music from both lands! :D
Ofcourse, I am referring to myself!

Anonymous said...

hiiiii im a malayalee . i lik ur presentation