Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Organised Mess that is also known as my life

Long time, no post about moi, the queen of this page (At least).
  • Am going at this in bullet points because i think it will look in order and that would be the only thing orderly in my whole frikking life now. Its a terrible mess which got rundown by a train. Or looks like it.
  • Onam was nice as usual, Family and Food. Two things i like and is not good for me. I discovered that cooking criticisms really really hurt me. And i swear it was not THAT bad. :|
  • Did i mentioned i am jobless now? Sigh. I feel awful about you, who is reading all this crap and is feeling awful about me. But yes, unemployed. It really does suck.
  • I am reading some Gay romance novels now, which i tell you, is rather nice too. Except the steam scenes, which i can live without. Does reading it makes me Queer-ish? I swear if were a man, i would be gay. Since i find men rather interesting and not women(even if those men are doing things to each other) i think i do come under the straight group. The majority. How boring!
  • So, why in pop culture Gay men are depicted hunky, in fashion, nice and chatty and Lesbians are depicted aggressive, negative and rather bitchy? Why why why?
  • I, along with my best friend Rudeboy, think that i am really partial to gay men. This would be explained by my love for Neil Patrick Harris, Chris Colfer and Matt Bomer. This also means i watch too much TV and read too much gossips.
  • I really hope this post does not turn out to be one on my sexual orientation. Which i am not sure yet ;)
  • All things aside i think i am drunk. A teeny bit. This will excuse anything i might have said.
Adios Amigos!

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survivingbrain said...

alright :P

I could feel the alcohol influence in this post. :D

So it is not just me who write while drunk :)