Sunday, July 11, 2010


It all started with Perez Hilton. Did you know that he gossips an awful lot about Lindsay Lohan, Twilight franchise and Glee? I can understand the first two. Lindsay is such a huge disaster and Twilight is, well, Twilight. What is this Glee which is making news i cant understand?
You see, it hadn't started in India that time. (I am always ahead of times, alas!). Then i decided i am not going to watch a drama musical on TV just because everyone is doing it, and i am cool with my usual crime-detective-spy-guns-yay-shit. Then Star World started airing the rehab song!

That was so unfair, the song is absolutely irresistible! And just like that, my defenses crumbled.
SO i geared up for it when star world started it 2 weeks ago! And what can you say, its fantabulous! Songs are awesome, the characters are neat and the story lines don't bum you out.. I can go on and on, like you know i do when i am into something, which i always am.
So, if you like music and enjoys drama, gLee is the place for it!


Adee said...

didn't like the '0 pondered it' status :D

i did like glee in the first offing, actually waited for it with almost a baited breath, but then left it after a couple of episodes. didn't want another tv soap to tie me down to a schedule :) as glee itself conveys, do ur own thing, don't be bound :D

smalltown_girl said...

Thanks adee, you are too sweet :-)
And about being tied down- one word. Internet.
Either way I dont get tv free on prime time. So I didnt had any other rastha :p