Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Pottermaniac is BACK!!

It was really disconcerting to find that for a hard core Harry Potter fan, i haven't wrote even one post about my favorite book series. And when i say hardcore, i mean obsessed, too much into it with too much info, every web forum, orkut communities, fanfictions(only reading), wallpapers, DPs.... I was really really a Harry Potter series fan. More importantly, a Ronald Weasley fan.
So how it all began? [ i am getting a feeling that i have written all about this before, but i cant find it.]
I was not a fan at first. I remember watching the first Harry Potter film joking about the Troll and complaining the film is too dark and irritating Sruti. She was too into it, had all the books, read it all more than once.. I never got her. Thus, passing my days, i once happened upon a malayalam translation of the Philosopher's Stone in a local library. I took the book and went back to hostel. Why? To make fun of Sruti. Since i do read an awful lot, i decided to spare a few moments for the book. And i fell violently in fascination. With the whole world, with hogwarts and with Ron Weasley. [From first book onwards i liked Ron the best. He brings the life in to it. Harry is rather self involved prig, i feel. :P]
Anyway, I finished all the books in record time, from 1-6, not in the right order(1,3,6,2,4,5) since the deathly hallows was not released then. By then I was obsessed. I reread all the books, saw the movies, and hated them :p I tell ya, only diehard potter fans can hate the films. They are as such wonderful entertainments, but you wont be satisfied, as in your mind, the full potter universal is so much bigger. I even read quiddich though the ages. Well, partly anyway.
By then I was becoming an online person. I joined many orkut communities, moderated a few, became known in some circles as a faithful pottermaniac. There were forums, discussions, fanfictions [amongst them were some really nice ones and really twisty weird psycho ones (Seriously, Harry and Draco? You gotta be shitting me!)]
And in my friends circle, I became the somewhat eccentric one who wont shut up about Potter, Ron. To a point where Sruti became a very normal person who only read HP books.
When the deathly hallows came, i insisted on buying the original book, not the sidewalk 150Rs one. Di got it for me as a gift. And i think me crying on her shoulder when i read in an online forum that Ron died in the HP7 (on the previous date of release of book) prompted her to do that. And not even crying. I was sobbing. And against popular opinion, i loved Deathly Hallows. I used to read it when ever i got upset. (If anyone doubting this as my teenage antics, i was 24 then. :| )
And then slowly, it started to die. I stopped checking for updates, i started reading other books(I even read twilight, but i am not that crazy i guess :P), my HP7 book started gathering dust, my HP gyan began to diminish. The Half Blood Prince movie came and went, i didn't went crazy when i saw it. And i started forgetting an age in my life where i used to doodle Ron on my class desk and have only HP related display pics in orkut.
Then i saw the Deathly Hallows trailer in Utoobe. It is so great! Looks better than any HP movie ever..
And it all came rushing back! The excitement, the madness, the love... It was like meeting an old friend again... So Nostalgic..

Yesterday i took out my Deathly Hallows book.. Took it to work to read.. And i laughed and smiled through pages.. Yes, the POTTERMANIA is back! Even thought the movie sucks, i wont regret this preview that opened to me a window from my past, which i thought was dead and gone.

Watch and be awed.


Rajlakshmi said...

I sooooooooo love Harry potter... waiting for the movie to release...

sooraj said...
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fezi said...

sorry that ws me..not knowing that my spouse hd logged on,i send d comment 4rm his comp and hence d name. :)
now, thats a damn good blog u hav got..pretty template
hav heard this HP story umpteen times..:)remember i ws a patient listener to ur ponderings..
still its fun to read u..
now follow my blog too..