Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elmo- a review

No its not Nemo's young brother. :P
Elmo is my nickname for my new phone SE Elm. Cool huh? [My bro Aqqui says i use the term COOL! too much. Humph!]
So i thought i would list the cool stuff and a few disadvantages.. you know, to prove that i am actually an average techie.

So off with the list:

Cool stuff aka adv.elmo(its Wimbledon :P)
[I am only stating the non obvious like wifi 3g etc]

  • The inbox appears as conversations. which is very cute. and reading it is rather like (google) buzz.
  • The phone looks handy, easy to hold, feels a bit mouse-like. Very easy on hand.
  • The twitter app is really good. Then again, its facebook app totally kick you in the nuts, but thats in lame stuff list.
  • Its made of recycled plastics and is totally recyclable, which somehow pleases me extremely. The green heart initiative phone also comes with loads of greener ideas. Eg: the users manual is in the phone.
  • You can play the music in background when on call. Works good on people in long distance relationships i hope.
  • The sound clarity is something to be desired. Music and talk. Awe-quiteabit.
  • The phone is apparently water resistant. I have not tested it yet.
  • The picture quality is good when in Macro, close shots and landscapes.
  • All the online reviews says the usual sony adapters and data cable cant be used on elmo. Its NOT true.
  • They also say you cant watch YouTube stream videos when in wifi. You CAN.
  • Email to inbox, uploading to web albums or blog etc are as good as every above average Sony phone.
  • The MediaGo is quite something according to buzz. I haven't bothered to find out. Yet.
  • The track ID(TM) is awesome. You switch it on, record 5 secs of any media thats playing and it will tell you the album, singer etc :D works when listening to radio or a familiar tune you cant place :)
Bad stuff aka Adv.other phones

  • The camera is NOT state of the art. Even though the macro landscape awesomeness happens, it also takes bad pics in dim lights and you have to get used to steadying your hand as it can get shaky. But you get used to it soon :) Eg: 1 2 3. i took these.
  • Obviously its not a smartphone. I guess me being smart counts for something :P But this does generate a lot of difficulties.
  • The flash is not even xenon. Come on sony!
  • The facebook app is delete worthy. But sad thing is, you cant even delete it. i hope they upgrade it soon.
  • I cant find where to switch off the cell info display, but thats my problem :P
  • The light decrease and increase according to the light in surroundings, but you cant switch this facility off.
  • When a java app is running in the background, the phone will never go to full sleep mode. it will lighten up occasionally. So you are just compelled switch off what ever app that is running.
  • When in video ringtone mode, the phone does not play video when the call is from someone whose photo you have saved with number. It just plays sony tone or the ringtone you have assigned to them.
  • The menu doesn't feature File manager. And has calender. Why sony, why?
Hmm. These are all i could manage. I am berry berry happy with elmo as of now, especially since skyfire is being banned in India. :D If anyone asks, i would recommend elmo only because its easy on pocket. Value for money is the essence of elmo. And GreenHeart.


Rudra. said...

My brother :D

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

:( jealous.

survivingbrain said...

even though i am a techie,
I have always found these things complicated. When i borrow someones phone to make a call, i usually have to ask them how to make a call.. there are too many buttons in the phones these days.. I still use that old monochrome phone with just sms and call facility. Pretty happy with it, eventhough i wish the inbox was a bit deeper than 30 messages..