Thursday, October 29, 2009

And that almost summarizes it! Almost.

:) I Love this image.

PS: if anyone has any copyright issues with this, say so. I will remove it. Please don't sue me.. Can't you see the innocence in my eyes? :D


Aditya said...


Karan said...

Insha Allah!

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Do you love poetry..then you have to check us out!!

smalltown_girl said...

@adi- hmm?


@toon india- :)

@simply poet- i don't actually.. but i will surely check u guys :)

Nikita said...

The last line is the most profound.... if you find love where you are going through all of it, ask yourself whether it is worth it!!! If an honest answer is 'yes', by all means go for it.
I say this coz I went thru all that once and in the end realised that it just wasn't worth it!!

Gymnast said...

i dont really agree with this?

Love that hurts ? Love that takes you through nightmares? Love thats hard to maintain?

Then surely ,it cant be love.

Love makes you happy . Love is irresistable , nobody has to strive to mainatain it. Love only gives beautiful dreams..never nightmares.

Yes , sometimes circumstances causes reasons for pain , but when one goes through something for the sake of their loved one , its hardly a pain..when you do something hard willingly , it wont seem such a nightmare.

Love is never ever hurtful .Its beautiful.

chembz said...

i differ from above... true love has de power to hurt and to make yu cry.. but its de strength of that love that makes yu keep holding onto it.. for even in pain, even in the hurt yu know der is love..

Aanchal "Don" said...

the last line is very beautiful "the love thats worth it"