Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gal Pals- Forever and always!

So, these days i am more immersed in my work(going and coming back, reading medical texts..), net life(twitter,farmville, facebook etc) and family(cooking, being there, fighting..). Believe me i was So not like this during my college days. I was this carefree girl who lived and breathed fun and friendship.
So, leaving my net-family-work schedule, this sunday i went to visit Sony and Jo. Four months ago i wrote about Sony giving birth to a boy and making me a Masi. So that is Joel, whom we all call Jo.
Sunday we(me and H) planned this 4 hour journey to see them. I packed and left my home at 6 and wen to the place i had to meet H. I knew i would have to wait for H. [H is the only person who comes in later than I,every single time. This is usually drives me crazy and amuses others as they wait for me and H. :D] So, H came in late, and i was SO happy seeing her, i didn't even made a face. So after a round of hugs, we departed for Sony's place and talked a lot on the way, which was SO like our old days. I thought this was because me and H are still single and not much changed. We got there and Sony was waiting for us with Jo in hand. I was rather afraid to find out that Sony would be so mature and changed. Nay, god loves me. Sony is as boring as ever :D and is as funny as i remember. Only Di was missing. We made a lot of fun over H, like we always do(she is a vegan and does accidental stupidity, which we all think is because she is vegan), had great food, talked like we always do, teased me a lot, remembered old blunders... it was like our cramped hostel room during internship,but not so cramped..

And we met Jo..
Joe is such a delightful child at 4 months. Sony says he wasn't so till very recently and i can attest to her calls mentioning sleep deprivation. Anyways, we all carried him around, he laughed for us, made happy noises and thankfully, didn't pooped on me or H. As he grows up, i promise i am going to be there for him, for fun and for serious stuff.

After lunch we both returned and on way back made fun of this girl who gave us some troubles sitting in bus (Buhahaha.. I and H are evil sisters!)..

It was like good old days.. Made me realise that my friends from those old days are still my best friends. I lost the casual ones. Gained some fake and real ones. But the strong ones are still them. My gal pals who knew the old me and continue to love the new me. I don't have to describe myself to them as i don't surprise them in the base levels.
Soon Sony is moving to Bangalore. And Di is off to Mumbai in few years. God only knows where Me and H would end up.
Am I afraid?
Even though seven seas and eleven mountains comes between us, we would still have this.
Our Flawless friendship.


HaRy!! said...

nice post :)! and wish yu guys will be frnds 4vr! :)!

smalltown_girl said...

@HaRy!! - Me too!! fingers crossed!!

Rajlakshmi said...

aww.. such a delighful post... made me miss my school friends :)

smalltown_girl said...

@Rajlakshmi- :) thanks. am sure u all will be friends forever too

chembz said...

friends are de ladders dat help yu climb along de path in ur journey.. if yu have de same ladder yu used earlier it keeps yu mre in touch wid de falls n laughs u had over em....

chembz said...
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Nikita said...

Touchwood!! happy for you girl :)