Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Today early morning mom went to the astrologer or jyothish. I am skipping the part where i wonder who in the name of god would do that.
So the guy, after a good game the stuff he carries around(again.. why god?) said that for the past 2 and 1/2years Shani was with me. Yes, Shani, the archangel of doom, the paragon of evil and the demolisher of goodness, the same Shani was with me the past 2 and half years.(And to think i cried so much for my loneliness :P) SO from tomorrow onwards its going to be Guru aka Mars who is with me.(BTW, have we found life there yet?) who is going decide if i will fall down in the ditch or not.
So i just survived the aforementioned Shani, (or about to, as who knows what will happen in next 4 hours :O when i am sleeping or watching TV :P) so i thought of listing stuff that happened in that 2 and half years. Good and Bad. And see how Shani was to me.

Shani Era- March 8,2007 - September8,2009

EVIL STUFF- As they always precede the good ones.
*jhan jhan jaang*(evil music of old hindi movies)
  1. Many of my friends go married this time. But cant blame Shani for that.. We are all grown up gals and it is expected. SO there were best friends amonst them. Many changed characters..Many lost contacts..Many became moms.. Sill every departure was as sad as cutting off a finger. Oh and did i mentioned that i am single. Which is rather awesome at times but attract a lot of attention in a small town.
  2. I have swayed through four jobs in a period of 1 and half years. None too good. Latest one is not bad, but a bit light on paycheck.
  3. I wrote the MD entrance twice and failed. It was Shani. :O I can understand it now. (Mom.. See!!) Lets just say the fact that i didn't studied anything doesn't count. :D
  4. END of my college and internship days. End to happiness of that sort, movies and trips with Di, Laughing fits with Sony and evil plannings with H. End of the happiest era of my life.
  1. I got my Laptop in this period. Without which i wouldn't be the same person today.
  2. I started my blog in 2008 august. That would be the awesomest stuff i have ever did in my entire life. And no one can describe how bloody proud i am about my baby.
  3. I became an Internet addict. From occasional scraps at orkut, i grew up to be a blogger, twitter maniac, facebook fan, YM'er and a general netizen. With not much dimension in life, but seriously happy :)
  4. I met many many awesome people. And Rudra too. My best buddy. The best person anyone can find in net. Or outside it. (i am not giving out his IM. I don't share ^_^)And i know in my heart that i will remember him at least once everyday for the rest of my life on earth( i dont know about Mars aka Guru though. :P) [So scene change- Rush ahead 50 years. Smalltown_naani is watching TV, rather squinting, when she reads the news "Arsenal Won the Premiere League" and she exclaims, "Somewhere in the world Rudra is wetting his pants with happiness!" Thats our friendship :) ]
  5. I read TONS of books in the last 2 years. And 95% of them are trash. But they gave me words and wisdom(which is, Historical romance heroes are good with riding horses and shooing at dawn and making love 6 times a night. :O Scary, But true, apparently.)
  6. I got styled up a lot. Before Shani, i was this girl who wore un-ironed shapeless sacs and grew long hair.( i don't iron sill, unless its a national emergency). And according to Di, my best friend, i have developed some shopping sense and looks better. Now i know how to wear a Sari and still stay on my fee, how to do make up on me and others and how to look less embarrassed about it.
  7. I got a job which being a less paying one, is still near home and has practically no work and a not so intimidating boss.
  8. Even though i departed from all my pals after college and we are busy with our own lives, they all are with me on a quick call, which we do often. Its great to have loving friends and without Di, Sony, H etc i would really find earth a bloody lousy place and shift to Mars :P
So, Seriously, 4 Evil Stuff Vs 8 Good Ones? NO contest at all. May be its my attitude towards life. May be astrology is all bullshit. But is always nice to see your life from a different perspective.

So How was my Shani dasha??


Karan said...

Why doesnt this post have a title ?
Did the astrologer advice this to shun away Mr Shani and the related dudes ?? :P

Rajlakshmi said...

thats a wonderful perspective of life... have never visited any jyotish... hmmm need to check what my shani dasha is :P
wonderful post :)

chembz said...

yu no seems to me yu took ur shani dasha in a rather nice n positive way instead of lameting over it.. lyk for eg - i got a lousy laptop which cracks down at every opportunity it gets or all books i read were trash... :P

btw i cant understand how yu put twilight in ur book list after havin given me a nice talkin to n almost callin me girly for sayin twas good... :X soo very girly of yuu..:P

akram said...

i would like to post a good comment, but the "letters are dancing"

Ramanathan Kannan said...

Reading your past :) Shani is with me NOW ( not consulted astrologer yet. Seems so ). Please tell me how to deal with Shani...