Sunday, September 06, 2009

Onam 09- in a very orderless post.

Onam is a family affair to every mallu. But for us its a nuclear family affair. Me, mom, dad, bro Aqui and Rocky. We all stay home, wear new clothes, make funny floral designs (pookkalam), Cook and eat in our style, watch TV and play cards.
Every year i would be away for most of onam's 12 days(its 12 guys!! not 10!!). Even last year i was at work. This year, as my new job is near home and has holidays, i was home (yay!) and i think all those years i was at hostel, were more fun. The anticipation and all.

Mom's hand had an injury just prior to onam, so unlike every year, our roles were reverse this year. I cooked and she make pookkalam. So we understood two things
1. Our pokkalam will suck despite who made them.
2.I cook better than mom. And i am faster. And organised too. And this is not being said because its my blog. Mom will agree. Still i am bloody proud of myself. :D *applause*
On the last day of onam, Aqui made biriyani, which went to prove that he is a better cook than me. :| :| and :|

About TV, the BIG TV we got last onam is running well. But the remote is not. Confession time- I dropped it in water. Accidentally. I swear. And no one in family knows.. they will tear me apart!! So shhh...

Its sad to see onam being branded as a hindu fest. Its SO not! Its a Kerala fest which celebrate the harvest, the richness, the food, family time and a very awesome king who lived godknowswhen.

Onam online was fun! And its so happy seeing all the mallu guys and gals interacting online and having a fest of our own.

So, Happy Onam :)
PS: i know tons of excellent pictures online. But why this? I made it. *shameless laugh*

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