Thursday, September 09, 2010

Two days, two movies and Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is one of my favourite bollywood actress amongst the current lot. Hadn't seen much of her films except the first abysmal one, Sawariya, but to me, she comes off as a warm, genuine not so stuffed person, unlike the others. Also, i'd admire anyone who has the will power to lose 30 pounds.
So, in yesterday and today, I watched two of her latest films, thought i'd do a review of those. Since two films have collected enough sledge to sink the Titanic without the iceberg, I thought i'd do it in points. You know, to appear less boring.


1. I am going to start on how ridiculous the title is. Everyone has done it before me, but my blog, my say. I hate when people say LUV. Its definitely not a cute version of love.
2. Imran Khan. I hate his mamu, but I do like mamu's acting. The nephew can act as good as a skate board. And Arjun Rampal. Casting a cat would've made the pairing cuter.
3. The plot of this is film is like the grand canyon. The gaps are huge. But unlike the canyon, not so awesome.
4. I dont know his name, but the cute dude from sprite ad was wonderful :D. Even his dialogues were awesome. And to make a point, the hot-crazy graph is Barney's. But almost everything in the film is a copy, so, meh.
5. I thought the whole idea of love story in the background of film industry would be awesome, but they ruined it with too much cliche. Can there be too much cliche? Yes, this film is the answer to that question. Way too much to go down in two hours. So, comes straight back up. Sounds awful na? It was.
6. Music - really good. My taste.


1. Chicflick. You can never have too much of chicflick.
2. Looks like Emma, feels like Emma. And what not to like about Emma? Except that you've seen it before. Loved it!
3. Abhay Deol. I love this guy. If there is a Jane Austen hero material (subtle, strong and silent) amongst current bolly-boys, its him.
4. Casting of this film should get a whole new award. Kya kamal kiya hai. Everyone is good in the character's shoes. Even the new ones.)
5. Loved the climax. The director could've made it tacky, I thought it was going to be almost tacky, but it is really nice. After the I Hate Luv Storys tack overdose, I needed this film.
6. Its a lovable film. Its chicflick, its emma, its a happily ever after, but we admire so many western romcoms, is this much worse?

That brings an end to my blab. But I didnt talked about Sonam. Loved her in Aisha. Charismatic, classy and in character. About her role in I hate I hate luv storys(that was not a typo), no actor is better than the script, so, its as good as the whole thing. Tad better, since am a fan.


Rajlakshmi said...

hehehe nice review :D
I hate love story was far better is what I felt :D

survivingbrain said...

I cant read greek.