Friday, September 24, 2010


I've been watching How I Met Your Mother for a long time now. Bro introduced me to the funny-but-relateable gang last year and i'd been curious. Nay, more than that. I love it.
Off all of them, Barney was always my guy. The womaniser. His magnanimous quotes and cute similis, I could always relate to him. The most depraved but yet the most child at heart. I am that in my gang. Though compared to the lion that is Barney am like this rat. A lab one at that.
Oh, am going off track here. So back to Mosby. I didnt liked the guy much. He is just a minor loser. Yeah. Concentrate on that word. LOSER.
Now imagine my dismay when I realised my life, mostly and sadly is like his.
This so going to be a sorrow train ride. Step out if you dont want the tea in my pity party.
I was watching the show in tv, season four, episode second last or third, I guess. Ted lost his job. He dont have any. Well, nice. I'll see him at this club of ours, for the unemployed super awesome freaks. He is trying self employment and working from home. Like me too. Yay! Without any success too. Yeah.
Then there is the romantic side of the guy. He waits for this amazing thing to sweep in and make him feel complete. Get in the damn line. And also he doesn't know what he is looking for, and is according to me, really lazy. Pretty lame that line is, eh?
Well, there is the fact that he lives in new-freakin-york and me in a place only some in tax department knows.
Anyway in major fronts, i've been been as lame and unmotivated as ted has been, in dealing with the clusterfuck that is also my life. But I know Ted's life will get better soon. He'll meet the Mother, have kids with her (meh) and live in this beautiful home. I only hope mine gets half as good. :-)


Rajlakshmi said...

lots of TV these days huh :)

Karan said...

As much as we love barney, Ted Mosbey is for real!

survivingbrain said...

As i told you, its time to climb some mountain(s).

It works, most of the time.
Trust me.

chembz said...

Barney is as he says.. awes ..wait for it... ome...!!
n hey i disagre wid de loser tag for ted.. thuogh he's jus searchin blindly, he has a humorous side to him..