Friday, June 25, 2010


Since i was all "AM-BACK!!", i decided to change my blog template. As i associate it with change and moving on and all. And because its plain fun. :P
So when i was going about it with old template saving and searching for new template adding, i missed the template designer at first. Then when i looked, yay!!!, blogger's own 3 column template! that too in new designs. Which can be made 4 or 2 column! With footer if u want! Isn't that awesome!!
Since it was limited designs, i went back to googling new ones. It was very much late when i spotted the background editor in the template designer! Double YAY!! It has SO much new backgrounds and in so many categories and they are all so so awesome! And this means your choice is unlimited! So i picked this one which reminds me of rain and monsoon :).
And.. and.. its so editable!
I feel like changing the background every day! It will be tad much na? So i wont. :P
But all of you go and check it out! And change yours for the better!
(I am such a google PR, they should pay me. :D)

And to wordpressers, peace out, suckers!

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