Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mamma's Squiggly Bundle of Joy.

One day, i was chatting with her in kitchen when she was fussing with lunch and i was playing lazy.

Me: Mom, you have known me a lot of time na? Saw me in all my looks, all my moods, all my make overs.
Mom: Yeah. Every ugly look included.
Me: So, which one do you remember the most? Think hard and answer.
Mom: *Thinking* Hmm, The best one i remember is the time i just gave birth to you and they showed you to me right after. Squiggly and small and dirty :)
Me: Aww!

I can script this dialogue. But honestly, i didn't. Even though we two fight more than anyone else in the world, we also share moments to true love.

Happy Mothers Day Amma. Have a long life. Be with me always. Seriously, a life without you scares the crap out of me. And i wont swear again. :P


unsungpsalm said...

Aww, so cute :-) Hear, hear!

Though gross on the squiggly bit!

Aditya said...

amazing! good going kiddo