Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The one about blogging

I am, as usual, really obsessed with my blog. So i would advice you to skip it if you are not interested in pointless rambling.

I got promoted to 74/100 by indiblogger. You must remember my sad post when i was demoted to 57 and later i was promoted to 69, and now 74. Glee :D. So i imagine i am doing all the right stuff. And continue the support guys, you are all i have.

Having readers whom you personally dont know brings more responsibility than pride. Like you cant write about your silly out of context emotions or random fill-up tags. You can stop delivering. But you cant compromise on quality. Not too much. I dont consider my blog above average or myself an interesting person. Still, i care about you. I try my damnest to entertain you. And if i fail, umm.. dont kill me.

I once wanted to do all my title like the F*R*I*E*N*D*S's. Starting with "the one with" or "the one where". It would have been original if i started my blog in 1994. But then i was all busy being a 10 year old. Then again, i recently got a comment on a post about my titles being awesome, so i dont regret it at all. :)

I do think a lot of stuff to blog. Especially when i commute. This reminds me that i have a post on commuting coming up. Anyways, somehow i cant make myself sit and type it all out. Laziness or block, i dont know.

Some times you realize that you cant write all you want and you have to go back and delete some earlier posts because you fear for your first impressions and character assassination. I hate thinking about past. But its unavoidable.

And i am tired and sleepy. And have not much idea what i am typing out. I should stop.

Over and Out.

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Rajlakshmi said...

congratz on being promoted girl :)