Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Missing the Kisses.

If the title sounded like anything relating me and kissing and piqued your curiosity, i do apologize. Alas, its not. But you guys will be the first to know if something happens. ;)
So, this is about SRK. I recently read somewhere that he swore he wont kiss on screen ever. Again. I remember him saying the same thing about 10 years ago and feeling all awww in my teenage-romance-idolizing bliss. But since then, i have grown up and saw life. Got over romance and went practical. This time i heard it, i went "whaaat? I can time travel?". I thought bollywood grew balls in the past few years. We watched films like Love aaj kal and Jism. And made hits for Hashmi. And last issue of filmfare featured lust in films.
Seriously, if an actor cant fake a kiss, what is he doing in the trade? And isn't it more scandalizing and embarrassing to watch people kiss on neck and below rather than a liplock? And SRK has never stayed away from necking and nuzzling, as you can see here and here. It does look much more passionate doesn't it? And i don't think SRK is all that prim and proper or old mannered to think bad shying away from kissing. Yet he says he is shy. Why? Why?

All this would mean only one thing. The man must be really bad at kissing.
Embarrassingly bad.
Now that explains a lot.
I am not saying that this explains his surprising lack of extra marital affairs in tinsel town.
You can always wonder.

[PS: This post is a result of me noticing that i haven't used my E news tag much. And i consider myself a huge hollywood and bollywood gossip grosser. I watch E! and buy filmfare for god's sake. How much more of a gossip i can be :P]

PPS: One thing i missed in Jaane tu ya jaane na was a kiss at climax. Didn't you? It felt incomplete. And i always wanted to say this some where. :P


Rajlakshmi said...

kissing in bollywood is vulgarly shown is all i can ... it makes me go yuck... as for SRK... well they want to be headlines dnt they :)

smalltown_girl said...

rightly put

yeskay said...

i would say that its all marketing gimmick.. nothing else

smalltown_girl said...

@Yeskey: Hmm. seems its working na?