Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Springwalk (part1)

He met his best friend one fine day during his cyber travels. He was a cyber traveller long before that meeting. It was the only amusement for someone like him, who stayed away from campus politics, evening games or mindless chit chats, who went by dork usually, or other names which his classmates wished to bestow upon him at a given time.
Thus he fancied himself to be a cyber pirate, travelling far and wide in cyberspace, in fancy gear and star wars look alike ship, someone like Hans Solo himself.
It was a perfect day. That is what remember about the day he met springheels. It was a summer evening, but not so hot. As he returned from class, he saw the weeds in front of men's hostel had flowered and he couldn't stop smiling at the rich blossom of colours. He ran to kitchen and grabbed a vada from the counter. The usually grumpy cook's assistant Mani smiled at him for the first time or so. In that wonderment he ran up the stairs to his second floor room and evoke his sleeping laptop. No mails from dad to remind him of the existence of a father he tried damn hard to forget. Thus, after a succession amusing events he got ready to dive into the net sphere.
In that perfectly prefect day,during his jump from on page to another, one social networking site to the next, in a random quest for nothing, he met her. Due to his earlier happy occurrences, he was feeling less inhibited in his first chat with her. After he said bye, he smiled the whole day thinking about her.
She was perfect. She knew bits about everything under the sun and had an inborn curiosity towards things she didn't knew. Her every word was lively. She smiled, laughed, expressed every emotion she felt and amazed him with her cray ideas and stubborn childishness.He was tired of dumb chicks in his class whom he only knew by their chest sizes and not so dumb but rather crooked show offs he knew online. This girl was a different breed. fresh, spicy and full of life.

to be continued...


anix said...

lol bechara pirate :P .... usko pocket tumne khali kara diyaa....

ahmm pakshe aaran kakshi :P .... oru tipical nadan pirate analoo :p

smalltown_girl said...

:O i love the pirate guy :)
random stranger na? like every other guy we see :)

n malayalam paranju kashtapdanda.. NRM njan angeekarichu