Saturday, June 20, 2009

MY Lysander!

Today i am gonna write about my roomie for some time, Lysander the lizard(named after the midsummer night's dream character). Yes, he is a lizard, the off white one that descends from the great dinosaurs(a fact which Lysander is very proud of) and he lives under the tube light. I don't know when he came around here and i started noticing him in my random boring days of staring at the tube when i was supposed to be studying. Well, seems he was long there.
[Note from Mom-We are not a pest infested family. This girl is set out to destroy the family name. Sheesh!]
Actually Lysander is the only lizard here. I somehow find it very hard o gt rid of him. Besides, he has his uses.

So, some random facts about Lysander he Lizard

1.He is FAST. I mean really fast. If there was a Lizards Olympics, Lysander would be the Bolt guy. Only make sure that at the end of 100 metres, there is food.

2.Lysander likes to eat slow. Stares at food a lot.

3.Lysandr doesn't like sun. He is like Edward Cullen in that case. ;)

4.He, after food, birdwatches a lot. And that's me :D (Poor guy. Didnt end up in Piggy Chop's room)

5.Lazy Lysander. Besides food catching, he is pretty sedentary.

6. He is also night person. Insomniac. Like me. So we share nights.

7.He looks really happy when i trip and fall. Really. If in day time, he looks out of his tube house.

8.He is the easiest roomie alive. As he pretty much leave me alone. The only shit i have to suffer from him is his original shit.

9.He defends me a lot. My hero. Even though its against the little monsoon insects who comes in and disturbs the hell out of me.

10. When i talk to him, he listens. (Who am i kidding. Am a bit loony :D)

So, guys! one big cheer to Lysander!


Nemo said...

hey nice Lizzzzz ! Love him/her.

cookie_crumbles said...

Hello to Lysander!
I'm not so fond of those who crawl on the wall but I think I somehow envy you for having him around... :P

smalltown_girl said...

how u know its a him/her??

thanks. he is very well mannered and quite a fat adorable one too :D

Nikita said...

I love the pic you have here... where did you find that.. lol ;)
PSsst: If on one fine day Lysander lays eggs... you can bet that she's a 'she'. Muahahahaha

Nikita said...

Oh and btw... I am blogrolling you. I know, I should have done that centuries ago, but the female version of 'Ghajini' that I am, I kept forgetting it :(

~ manish ~ said...

did u know that the Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner used 2 come wid a mechanism to catch lizard and make it into nothing but a lil' amount of powder!!! I used 2 love it as a kid.

smalltown_girl said...

@Nikita- Lysander is a guy!! dont break my bubbles :-S
thans sweety :)

@manish-why u trying to kill my superhero? :O n we have one. i hate dragging it around :|

chembz said...

even if u were sitting idle every single second, i bet u need good eyes for dat..